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G-SHOCK debuts new MT-G Series inspired by the city skyline for 40th anniversary

G-SHOCK 40th anniversary city skyline watch


In the ever-evolving realm of timepieces, G-SHOCK has once again pushed the boundaries by introducing its MT-G Special: City Illumination model, a dazzling tribute to the brand’s 40th anniversary. This watch pays homage to a city skyline’s vibrant hues and dynamic energy, giving off a nostalgic vibe for a place we’ve never even been.

The MT-G Special: City Illumination is a testament to G-SHOCK’s commitment to innovative design. The watch boasts an advanced Dual Core Guard structure, creating an intricate yet rugged exterior. The multi-colored and multi-layered carbon frame, coupled with interlocking metal parts, delivers a sophisticated yet lightweight look, making it the perfect companion for special occasions.

Unveiling the artistry

The watch’s superior design incorporates various Color, Material, and Finish (CMF) techniques. A stunning bezel frame, composed of 229 sheets of layered carbon and glass fiber, showcases the original camouflage pattern of the MT-G series, now reimagined in a nighttime city-inspired view. Rainbow IP and etching on the bezel create an unparalleled aesthetic, while a first-of-its-kind technique using vapor deposition and inkjet printing gives the index and hand a vibrant, metal-like texture.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the MTGB2000YR1A model packs advanced technical capabilities. Solar-powered timekeeping ensures accuracy and reliability, while Bluetooth®️ control enhances connectivity. The Super Illuminator, a high-brightness full-auto LED light, maintains readability in the dark, making it a practical yet aesthetically appealing choice.

G-SHOCK watches have released only 600 limited-edition pieces of the MT-G Special: City Illumination for the discerning few. Each watch comes with unique, eco-friendly packaging, aligning with the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The G-SHOCK lifestyle

Watches for men shouldn’t be just average timepieces; they need to be technologically advanced and more than just pleasing to the eye. The MTGB2000YR1A is precisely that, with features that include shock resistance, 200M water resistance, BLE time sync, and a full auto calendar. Whether diving into the depths of globetrotting across time zones, this watch is built for the challenges of a dynamic lifestyle. Think the guy who hikes Mt. Kilimanjaro for a simple weekend excursion.

The G-SHOCK MTGB2000YR1A is a masterpiece of horological engineering, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with impeccable design. At the heart of this timepiece are features beyond mere timekeeping, elevating it to a symbol of modern luxury.

  • Watch status display: Instantly assess the radio wave reception status, solar-powered battery status, and internal data update history, providing a comprehensive overview of the watch’s performance.
  • Self-check: With an automated system, the watch conducts regular self-checks, ensuring seamless operation. Any detected issues prompt an alert, maintaining the watch’s reliability.
  • Automatic time adjustment: Bid farewell to manual time adjustments as the MTGB2000YR1A automatically synchronizes with precision, ensuring accurate timekeeping.
  • World time: Navigate effortlessly through over 300 cities, seamlessly switching between home and world time zones, catering to the global jet-setter.
  • Alarm/timer settings: Customize alarms and countdown timers to suit personal preferences and schedules, adding a practical touch to the watch’s versatility.
G-SHOCK MTG-B2000YR-1A watch face

The MT-G Special: City Illumination is a symphony of style and substance, a celebration of urban vibrancy encapsulated on your wrist. G-SHOCK has once again proven that luxury and resilience can coexist, creating a timepiece that is as bold and unapologetic as the city lights that inspired it.

The MT-G Special: City Illumination retails for $1,450 and is available for a limited time at select retailers, , and the G-SHOCK Soho store.

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