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How to Avoid Foggy Glasses While Wearing a Face Mask

Wearing a face mask is a civic duty, despite inconveniences like maskne, slight discomfort, and of course, foggy glasses. What’s the cause of this hazy phenomenon? Think of it like a heated car on a cool evening, which leads to cloudy windows.

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“When you have a poor seal on the top part of your mask, this allows vapor that you’re exhaling to condense onto your glasses causing them to fog,” Susan Bard, a dermatologist with Vive Dermatology, tells The Manual.

Pesky science, getting in the way of our vision. But fret not, fellow glasses-wearers. You don’t have to wear contact lenses or get Lasik eye surgery to be able to see clearly while wearing a face covering. We talked to Dr. Bard, along with other experts on how you can clear up your glasses once and for all.

Seal Your Face Mask

Not surprisingly, the best way to prevent cloudy glasses is through sealing your face mask to make sure your warm breath doesn’t reach your peepers. There are plenty of ways to do this. For example, you can apply scotch tape at the top of your mask to improve the seal.

Meanwhile Leann Poston, a pediatrician at Invigor Medical, says that if you have a cloth mask, take a length of fabric and fold it lengthwise, put either a pipe cleaner, twist tie, or florist wire inside the fold of your mask, then sew the fabric to the top of your mask. Then bend the wire so it follows the shape of your face.

“Another option is to fold a tissue and place it between the top of the mask and your skin to absorb the moisture in the air you breathe out,” Poston says.

Stick to Breathable Face Masks

Another way to keep heat from rising to your glasses is by using a breathable face mask. Stick to fabrics like cotton, linens, and bamboo.

Apply Shaving Cream or Soap

Put your favorite skincare products to work, particularly your shaving cream or soap, by applying them to your glasses, then wiping them off with a cloth. They create a thin film that buffers condensation, so your glasses will stay clear for a little while longer.

Adjust Your Glasses

“Another option to prevent foggy glasses is to pull your mask up under your glasses so your glasses sit on top of the mask,” says Dr. Poston. This way, the heat doesn’t get trapped behind your glasses, which can cloud them.

Use a Commercial Anti-Fog Spray

If you’re looking for a stronger solution, we recommend buying an anti-fog spray, and this one from Splaqua does what it says. Simply spray on your peepers, then wipe off with a dry cloth, and your glasses will be fog-free for hours.

And there you have it! Make sure to read up on our guides on how to remove scratches from your glasses, and choosing the best blue-light-blocking peepers.

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