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Doxa’s Sub 200T watch is a new, smaller version of the Classic 300 design

Doxa introduces smaller version of Sub 300

Doxa Sub 200T series

Doxa watches aren’t exactly the word on the tip of anyone’s tongue when they think of their favorite brands; however, they have developed their own community, and some might dub them a cult following. The brand recently unveiled its latest Doxa watch, the Sub 200T which has sent a lightning strike through the hearts of fans, as it’s unmistakably more compact than the iconic 300T and 600T models. The lack of smaller options has always been a common complaint among fans of the brand, and with consumer behavior veering more and more in this direction, it’s no surprise that the latest iteration is just 39mm. The iconic design of the Classic 300 has been shrunk down to something more compact, sleek, and contemporary.

The new Doxa Sub 200T has a color for every taste

Doxa Sub 200T in green against crystal

On top of that, the kaleidoscope of color options available from Doxa watches will surely satisfy every taste, from those who like bright and sporty models to those who prefer something a little more classic and subdued. The dial features a sunray-finished design with a luminous sunburst effect, and it comes with two strap options: a stainless steel bracelet with a “beads of rice” design and an FKM rubber strap that comes with folding clasps and ratcheting wetsuit extensions.

For anyone who doesn’t know about Doxa watches, they’re big on colors (as if you couldn’t tell from the myriad options of this new Sub 200T watch.) Each color is assigned its own specific name, with choices including Professional (orange), Sharkhunter (black), and Searambler (silver.) They’ve recently added another color to the mix called Sea Emerald, a darkish green. On top of that, each color comes in a “sunray” version that has a sparkling dial, which means there are a mind-boggling 13 color options for the new Doxa Sub 200T. If you can’t find a color you like in all of those, we don’t know what to tell you.

Technical specifications

Doxa Sub 200T black lifestyle photo

The aesthetics are all good, but what about the technical aspects of this new Doxa watch? Within its smaller exterior is a Swiss mechanical automatic movement with a substantial power reserve of 38 hours. Its stainless steel case is 39mm x 41mm, and water resistance is a satisfactory 200 meters. Adding to this is the unidirectional rotating bezel complete with the US Navy no-decompression limit table, proving Doxa is not only committed to aesthetics but diver safety as well. As for the outside specs, it features a date display at 3 o’clock, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal anti-reflective coating, and Super-Luminova coating for low-light environments.

What is the price tag, and what do we think?

Doxa Sub 200T orange dial

The Doxa Sub 200T comes with a price tag of $1,550 for a rubber strap and $1,590 for the steel “beads of rice” bracelet, and it’s already available on the Doxa website.

This new Doxa offering is certainly intriguing, as it’s basically a more compact version of the iconic Sub 300. What more can you want? Especially with the smaller price tag. Even if you have a soft spot for the Doxa Sub 300, the new Sub 200T is a game-changer. Doxa basically took the best of both worlds (the Sub 200 and Sub 300) and molded it into the perfectly-sized counterpart to the 42.5mm Sub 300 we’re so used to.

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