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Rolex quietly revealed a new Day-Date 40 in Everose gold

Rolex just added a new Day Date to their collection without any fanfare

Rolex Day Date Everose 40 Academy Awards

Amid the splendor and prestige of the 96th Academy Awards, hosted at the iconic Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, a new watch was discreetly added to the Rolex Day Date collection. The Oscars, renowned for their grandeur, never fail to deliver a spectacle of epic proportions, and this year was no different, with a lineup of films that captivated audiences worldwide (Oppenheimer, anyone?) as well as a slew of high-end watches.

A new Rolex Day Date just dropped…quietly

Rolex Academy Awards Green Room

Hidden within the exclusive confines of the Rolex Greenroom, reserved for the privileged winners of Academy Awards, lies a solitary showcase set side just for Rolex watches. Tucked away at the far end of the spacious chamber, embedded within the rear wall, this display holds the only Rolex timepiece in the entire lounge.

Amidst the glitz and glamor of the ceremony, the watch made its debut without fanfare. Its presence was merely hinted at in a press release related to the Greenroom, and it briefly appeared in Rolex’s prestigious television spot—an annual homage to cinematic legends who have sported Rolex watches throughout history.

The Rolex Day Date 40 in Everose gold

Despite its understated introduction, this timepiece holds significant value. While not as groundbreaking as the iconic GMT-Master II variants, its rarity within Rolex’s selective release cycle is noteworthy. Featuring the Day-Date 40 in luxurious 18-karat Everose gold, Rolex’s signature take on the rosy metal, it boasts a captivating slate ombré dial that transitions gracefully from darkness to light.

Adorned with applied Roman numerals and free of embellishments like a railroad minute track or diamond indices, its design deviates from the norm a bit. This enigmatic creation adds a new dimension to Rolex’s legacy of innovation, following in the footsteps of past surprises like the Vienna Philharmonic Day-Date. Delving into the Rolex website yields you nothing but a landing page for the soft-launched watch: the 2024 Academy Awards Rolex Day Date.

Rolex Day Date: Fans were not given much information on the new addition to the collection

Rolex Green Room Academy Awards

One image offers a glimpse of the elusive timepiece, devoid of the expected fanfare. Stripped of official acknowledgment or technical details, enthusiasts must rely on visual cues alone to decipher it.

Affectionately known as the “President” among enthusiasts, the Rolex Day Date epitomizes exclusivity, catering to wealthy clientele. Since its inception in 1956, this timepiece, crafted exclusively in precious metals, has remained a symbol of refined taste and sophistication, with its distinctive dial layout showcasing both the full date and a traditional date window at 3 o’clock.

Reminiscent of the white dial Speedmaster that graced Daniel Craig’s wrist in the streets of New York, this new Rolex watch may remain a mystery for months to come in the world of watches for men. As the dust settles on the 2024 Academy Awards, anticipation mounts for what we can expect from Rolex in the future.

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