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These are the best tactical pants for all of your outdoor adventures

Your adventurous lifestyle is made better with the best tactical pants on the market

Vertx Recon Pant

Few styles of pants have a more functional combination of features than tactical pants. Many of them are designed specifically for law enforcement officers and military personnel, meaning they have to be durable for the most demanding environments in the world. The best way to keep them in that arena and on the top of the list of options for the soldiers and officers that wear them is a combination of durable workwear and movable hiking gear.

Of course, you don’t have to wear a badge or join the military to find uses for these pants. Wilderness survival experts, photographers, explorers, hikers, and many others find these pants the best combination to support their lifestyle. Forget jeans or cargo pants; tactical pants for men are the way to go. While there are countless options for you to choose from, we have done what we do and put together a list of the best of the best for you to choose from.

Man kneeling in the 5.11 Apex Pant
Courtesy of 5.11 / 5.11

5.11 Tactical Pants – The Apex Pant

The more self-reliant they are, the more they can be relied upon. The more strength they build, the more they can protect others. This is the beginning of the mission statement for 5.11 Tactical. And with the slogan, “Always Be Ready,” they accel at providing some of the best products for the man on the go. The Apex Pant features 5.11’s Flex-Tac stretchable canvas, giving them maximum flexibility without losing any durability. And the stretchable waistband is CCW-ready, making these pants one of your go-to as you shop.

Man kneeling in water in Vertx Recon Pant
Courtesy of Vertx / Vertx

Vertx Recon Pant

When a top federal agency reaches out and asks you to give them low-profile tactical pants for their officers, you have to pull through. The way Vertx approached the request was to team up with some of the top operators of the field and leverage over 175 years of experience to produce some of the most popular products in the industry. The Recon pant offers maximum storage and balance to keep you on your feet and prepared.

Prometheus Design Werx Raider Field Pant
Prometheus Design Werx

Prometheus Design Werx Raider Field Pant

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci. Prometheus Design Werx is focused on simplicity. By their own admission, they don’t do racing stripes, garish flourishments, or superfluous details. Every part of every product serves a specific purpose to help you accomplish what your life necessitates. The Raider Field pant is the most feature-rich pant in their arsenal, with the four-way stretch allowing as much movement as possible. Of course, they also focus on the EDC crowd with tons of pockets that still allow for a streamlined look.

Viktos Wartorn Insulated Pant
Courtesy of Viktos / Viktos

Viktos Wartorn Insulated Pant

Made by veterans of the military and the law enforcement communities for those that still carry the burden, Viktos works closely with those who serve so they can offer the best gear and apparel for the lifestyle. Now, you don’t have to carry a badge or live on the front line of the most dangerous places in the world to wear these pants. But if their Wartorn insulated pant is good enough for that group, then they can absolutely handle whatever your life throws at them.

Winter weather means you have to wear more clothing because winter storms and polar vortexes won’t stop the people in the market for these styles of pants. This is the only pant on the list that is made for the cold weather. So if you are going to the front line in a winter environment or vacationing in Antarctica, these are the pants for you.

Zero Foxtrot Tac Pant
Courtesy of Zero Foxtrot / Zero Foxtrot

Zero Foxtrot Tac Pant

Zero Foxtrot is a company that embodies the philosophies of soldiers and veterans everywhere. When facing the world’s obstacles, you have to turn the noise off, drink water, and drive on to overcome them. Soldiers replace many words with phonetic alphabet placeholders, like the name Zero Foxtrot promoting the philosophy of giving zero f*#%s what others think while you do you. Their Tac pant is the perfect range-day choice with multiple pockets to carry your gear. But they also have everyday features like an action waistband and tapered leg, making these pants perfect for your EDC needs.

Tactical pants are the perfect addition to your wardrobe if you are a man on the go. Police, soldiers, first responders, explorers, and the men who want to be ready for anything the world could throw at them value the pant that supports that mentality. Of course, to enjoy good tactical pants, you can simply be someone who loves having a great pair of utility pants that can handle your everyday lifestyle. Whether you are mowing the lawn, working construction, or remodeling your kitchen, the best tactical pants for men are the ones that make your job easier.

When looking into which pair of tactical pants you want to invest in, keep in mind what you will use them for, but also have fun. You can upgrade your life with the right pair and eventually find that you can’t live without them. Whether you are the Adventurer Style Archetype or not, once you put your leg into your first pair of tactical pants, you will find your inner adventurer.

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