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The 6 Best Rain Jackets for Men: No Umbrella Necessary

Sometimes it feels like the best respite from a rainy day is to stay inside next to a warm fire with our hand curled around a glass of good whiskey.

Unfortunately, jobs, friends, and the business of life mean we have to get out and brave the elements outdoors. Whether that be a quick run from the house to the car to the car or a long-term commitment like a hike in the woods or a morning jog, we’ve still got to endure the rain. Luckily, today’s raincoats are a far cry from dear old Dad’s standard belted trench coat. Modern fibers, fabrics, and treatments keep today’s rain jackets and coats lightweight, while able to withstand monsoon-like downpours.

More Jackets to Browse

We’ve chosen a range of the best rain jackets for men that are sure to be up to your personal sartorial — and meteorological — standards.

Marmot PreCip Men’s Lightweight Waterproof Rain Jacket

Marmot Lightweight Rain Jacket

About as classic a rain jacket as you’re likely to find, this lightweight option from Marmot is a great transition piece from winter to spring. Built with durable nylon and a microporous exterior, this bad boy is as breathable as it is water-resistant, making it one of our favorite closet go-tos for foul weather.

North Face Men’s Venture 2 Jacket

North Face Venture 2 Jacket

If you’re looking for a rain jacket that can handle something more intense than a quick jaunt to the grocery store, the Venture 2 Jacket from North Face is your best bet. Designed with outdoor adventuring in mind, this coat is ultralight, fully windproof and waterproof, and built with a mesh interior lining for excellent temperature regulation.

Flint and Tinder Ridge Shell

Flint and Tinder Ridge Shell

With its traditional mountain parka aesthetic, the Ridge Shell from Flint and Tinder could be perfect for the guy with vintage tastes. Large front pockets, adjustable hood, and tear-resistant shell are just a few of the many fun features on this baby, making it an all-around functional pick for rain-heavy locales.

Columbia Men’s OutDry Hybrid Jacket

Columbia OutDry Hybrid Jacket

Another old school standby, the hybrid jacket from Columbia has long been a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts and layfolk alike. Built with the brand’s special OutDry technology, this coat is designed to withstand everything from a drizzle to a full on cloudburst. Other intriguing specs include its drawcord hood, underarm ventilation, adjustable cuffs, and external seam tape.

Bonobos The Trench Coat

For those after something slightly more stylish than your run-of-the-mill rain jacket, you may want to consider this fashionable trench from Bonobos. Sleek, sophisticated, and timeless, this option cuts an attractive line on the body and also happens to be outfitted with water-resistant properties as well as a discreet back vent for breathability.

Todd Snyder Stutterheim Stockholm Basic Raincoat

Stutterheim Stockholm Basic Raincoat from Todd Snyder

Handmade with rubberized cotton, the Stutterheim raincoat from Todd Snyder puts a contemporary spin on an iconic silhouette. Though this beauty lacks some (read: most) of the tech you’ll find elsewhere on this list, the look alone is strong enough to garner it placement here and will definitely leave people turning heads when you walk by on a rainy day.

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