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14 Cool and Useful Gifts to Give to your Brother

Man wearing VR headset.
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You and your brother have been through different milestones in life together so you must know him well. Although a long time spent side by side doesn’t mean that you know him like the back of your hand. Aside from always being there for your brother when he’s in need, another great way to show your love for him is by giving him a memorable gift.

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If you have only an inkling of what he would like to receive, we’re here to help you out. Perhaps you only have a vague idea of what he likes such as clothes, watches, gadgets, or something niche like a craft beer kit, for example. Whether he’s a chef at home or a laidback guy who loves a good drink by the porch, there’s a gift out there best suited for him. Check out these best gift ideas that your brother will love.

George Foreman Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press

George Foreman Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If your brother loves grilling and cooking his signature dishes for the whole family, then you can’t go wrong with giving him this George Foreman grill. Instead of having to grill while it’s cold outside, he can grill comfortably indoors. The George Foreman grill also works as a panini press so he can make delectable snacks and breakfast dishes for the family. What’s even better is that it’s easy to set up and clean so that he doesn’t waste precious time in the kitchen cleaning up. With this nifty grill, he can make up to four servings.

Minnetonka Casey Slipper

Minnetonka Casey Slipper on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

To be honest, anyone would be thankful to be given a stylish and comfortable pair of slippers. If your bro gives comfort utmost importance, then these Casey slippers are the perfect pair to give him. The soft suede slippers are perfect to wear during cold mornings to keep his feet warm and cozy. The thick rubber sole of these slippers also provides great support as he goes along with his day.

BNEXT Virtual Reality Headset

BNEXT Virtual Reality Headset on stylized background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Once he owns this VR headset, all he needs to do is hook it up to his iPhone or Android phone and he’ll be brought to a virtual world. The virtual reality headset will give him an immersive 360 experience. If your brother is into games, he will surely love this gift packed with advanced VR gaming technology. He can expand his viewing angle and match the focal distance for a comfortable and fun VR experience.

Swag Brewery Beer-infused Hot Sauce

Swag Brewery Beer-infused Hot Sauce on a white background.
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Your brother will find an unconventional beer fix once he receives these beer-infused hot sauces. What makes this a good gift is that it’s not something he would expect from you, even if you know he loves craft beer. These hot sauces come in mouth-watering flavors such as Asian Sriracha, Garlic Serrano, and Roasty Chipotle. The beers infused in these are Farmhouse Ale, American Lager, or American Pale Ale, which will definitely keep him craving more.

Get Kombucha Starter Kit

Get Kombucha Starter Kit on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If your brother is a curious guy, a starter kit for Kombucha might be something he didn’t know he wanted. He might have tried Kombucha at least once in his life but has he actually brewed his own? This starter kit by Get Kombucha is packed with ingredients, supplies, and instructions for him to be able to make his very own Kombucha. First-time brewers can become veterans with this DIY product.

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Mid Volume Backpack

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Mid Volume Backpack on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Herschel is a well-known brand for its functional and stylish backpacks. Whether your brother will use it for backpacking, work, or commuting, this Herschel backpack is just what he needs to keep all his essential items in place. This is the perfect travel-friendly bag to bring wherever he goes without looking like he’s carrying heavy luggage. This Herschel backpack also comes in different colors to suit his personal style.

Stars by Nature Original Star Wars Patent Poster Prints

Stars by Nature Original Star Wars Patent Poster Prints on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Any Star Wars fan will love to receive these Original Star Wars Patent Poster Prints. If your brother is an avid fan of Star Wars, then giving him these prints as a present is a no-brainer. These prints will spruce up his living space and even has a lowkey design so that it doesn’t grab too much attention. Although a fellow Star Wars fan who sees it will be in awe and will probably ask him where he got it.

Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer displayed next to different types of food.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Anyone who cooks knows that temperature is important when grilling delicious meat. If your brother happens to be an aspiring chef or someone who loves cooking, a meat thermometer will be highly appreciated. This smart wireless meat thermometer by Meater can be used along with an app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It also comes with a guided cooking system so that he can produce consistent finished products every time.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 on a white background.
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If you have extra money to splurge for your brother’s gift, an Apple Watch Series 5 won’t disappoint. The Apple Watch 5 includes GPS and has a stunning always-on retina display. On top of that, he can access different apps that are perfect for his daily grind. Does your brother love working out? The Apple Watch can perfectly track his fitness progress by monitoring his heart rate and steps accurately. He can also listen to music with the Apple Watch while he’s jogging.

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro on a white background.
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In the earbuds category, the Apple AirPods Pro is a bestseller. Give your brother the best wireless earbuds in the market on his birthday or the upcoming holidays. With these AirPods, he can get immersive sound quality with its active noise cancellation feature. These AirPods are also sweat-and water-resistant so they stay intact while he’s on the go. Aside from that, the wireless charging case that it comes with can give up to 24 hours of battery life.

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Go big by giving your brother a nice pair of wireless gaming headphones. The HyperX Cloud Flight can last for up to 30 hours and has a gaming-grade wireless connection. They’re also compatible with PC, PS4, and PS4 Pro. On top of that, it has a detachable noise-canceling microphone and an adjustable steel slider. These wireless gaming headphones are one of the best in the market right now.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Get an all-new gaming experience with this Xbox Series X, with the fastest and most powerful Xbox ever. On top of that, you can play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles with streamlined gameplay and reduced load times. Also, Xbox offers a Quick Resume so you can seamlessly move between multiple games in a flash without a hassle.

Mr. Beer Craft Beer Complete Kit

Mr. Beer Craft Beer Complete Kit sitting on a kitchen counter.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Turn his favorite drink into his passion with the Mr. Beer Craft Beer Kit. Even if it’s his first time brewing, he can create his own craft beer with step-by-step instructions. The kit comes with simple ingredients and user-friendly equipment for a hassle-free experience. Aside from that, the brewing process will only take 30 minutes of his time. This beer kit for beginners comes with everything he needs to get started. He can also proudly say he brewed his own beer once he’s finished.

Lumin Classic Maintenance Set

Lumin Classic Maintenance Set on a white background.
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If your brother values his appearance, the best thing you can give him is this Classic Maintenance Set by Lumin Skin. This set comes with three different skincare products that help rejuvenate his skin. It has a moisturizing balm, charcoal cleanser, and exfoliating rub. Together, these products can help heal dehydrated and dead skin. With the great balance of hydration, cleansing, and renewal, people are gonna be asking him to reveal his skincare routine in no time.

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