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The 6 Best Chino Shorts You Need for Your Wardrobe Upgrade

Man wearing a fedora hat and light blue chino shorts with flip-flops.
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Trade in your old shorts for a pair of the best chino shorts, and then be amazed at how often you’ll find yourself wearing them. Chino shorts are like your secret shorts weapon this season. They can help you re-enter the world and trade in our worn-out gym shorts and lounge pants for (slightly) more refined pieces.

Chino shorts are like your favorite chino pants, but shortened up, slimmed down, and made ready for the summer heat. The great news is, they come in just as many colors and wear just as easily with your favorite summer style essentials. Whether you prefer a rugged henley, a casual pocket tee, or a breezy camp-collar shirt, there’s a pair of chino shorts to match up with the breezy weather style in mind. Most chino shorts are sized right for guys of every height, too.

Make sure your chino shorts are slimmer than the cargo shorts you wore years ago and keep in mind that they should hit at or above the knee. And worry not, because there are chino shorts cut even higher up on your leg than that.

Best Stretch: Bonobos Stretch Washed Chino Shorts

Bonobos Stretch Washed Chino Shorts.

Bonobos always knocks it out of the park (in our humble opinion) when it comes down to what to wear on your bottom half. That goes for these aptly named, well-made stretch chino shorts, along with the brand’s famed full-length chinos (naturally). The Sandpoint color is nice and light for summer, so add a navy polo and your favorite cocktail.

Most Affordable: Izod Saltwater Flat-Front Chino Shorts

IZOD Saltwater Flat Front Chino Shorts.

Priced at under $25, these Izod shorts hit the sweet spot if you’re taller, or if you prefer more coverage on your legs. The flat-front chino short design is classic and easy to style with everything from a sleek polo to a patterned shirt. Plus, you can’t top the wide variety of color options. And again, that price is everything you need.

Best for Showing Some Extra Leg: Chubbies 5-Inch Inseam Khaki Shorts

Chubbies 5-Inch Shorts.

We get it: Short shorts are all the rage right now — and rightfully so. They’re playing off retro short styles like the ones your dad might have worn (he’s the original influencer), but options these days are that much cooler and more comfortable. Go on, rock some short shorts.

Other Chino Shorts We Love 

Rag & Bone Eaton Shorts 

Rag & Bone Eaton Shorts.

Rag & Bone has a way of turning the good into the great, in the case of these finely made cotton shorts. Trade-in your Rag & Bone denim for breezy shorts that’ll shape up nicely with a short-sleeve henley or a navy sweater polo (it’s a thing, trust us).

Nautica Men’s Classic Deck Shorts

Nautica Classic Deck Shorts.

Consider this another pair of the best chino shorts to take on vacation. We love the bright colorway and the deck-ready construction. Add boat shoes and you’re all set for a day on the water.

Gap 10-Inch Vintage Shorts

GAP 10-Inch Vintage Shorts.

If you favor a bit more coverage or want a more classic fit when it comes to your chino shorts, Gap is an obvious choice. These shorts are affordable, versatile, and made to be worn anywhere this summer.

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