4 Must-Have Men’s Accessories for the Month Ahead

Anni Shades

We could go on and on about how much we dig accessories, but really, doesn’t everyone? With so many new brands hitting the scene every month, it can be difficult to pick the best of the best from the roster of young talent. But these four men’s accessories stand out above the rest. After taking one look, you won’t want to live without them.

title of work Tie
If luxury neckwear is what you’re looking for, designer Jonathan Meizler has you covered with his grand line title of work. This hand cast, sterling silver taurus head, stitched to Italian cashmere, is one of the coolest neckties we’ve ever seen.

Anni Shades Wooden Sunglasses
Tons of accessories brands are jumping on the wooden train, but we think Anni Shades does it best. And with oxblood as the color for fall, how could we not pine (get it?!) for the Kohen frames in deep blood red wood?

Sticks & Stones Cufflinks
And speaking of wood, we can’t get enough of Portland brand Sticks & Stones’ cool timber accessories. But the Elk Antler cufflinks, made with maple wood, elk antler and bronze, are hunter hits for this season.

Steve Mono Bag
Browsing all of the incredible young designers on Anthem Wares, it’s difficult to pick a favorite. But Steve Mono’s bags, handcrafted from vegetable-tanned leathers and canvas, are essential for the ultimate modern gentleman. The beautiful blue and green Oscar Mix Briefcase is perfection.