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Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Time: When are They Entering the Ring?

Tonight, Triller is hosting its second huge boxing event, with internet celebrity Jake Paul once again stepping into the boxing ring to take on former UFC fighter Ben Askren. The entire show is serving up a total of seven boxing matches plus a ton of live musical performances. The fun kicks off at 9 PM ET, but you can read on to get an idea of when the main attraction is likely to pop off — and don’t forget to buy the Paul vs. Askren pay-per-view on if you haven’t already so you can stream it live.

This Triller Fight Club event kicks off tonight at 9 PM, but with seven fights on the card happening alongside a bunch of live musical acts, we expect this packed show to last most of the night. Triller hasn’t released any official schedule for it yet, however. Nonetheless, we can glean some details from the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones, Jr. exhibition that Triller and the Legends Only League hosted together last November.


The Tyson vs. Jones event lasted about three hours with five fights on the card (the bout between Jake Paul and Nate Robinson serving as the co-main event) and without the numerous musical acts we’re looking forward to tonight. The pre-show entertainment started at 8 PM ET with the main card fights following at 9 PM Jake Paul and Nate Robinson walked into the ring at around 11 PM, with the Tyson and Jones bout following at midnight.

The main events on these fight cards happen toward the end of the show — they want to keep people glued to their seats, after all — so don’t expect Jake Paul and Ben Askren to perform their ring-walks at 9 PM when the show begins. Since this is a longer event with more fighters and a ton of live “mini-concerts” planned, we don’t think we’ll get to see the Paul vs. Askren fight kick off until midnight at the earliest and possibly quite a bit later than that.

Nonetheless, this is a pay-per-view event, and if you’re going to shell out $50 for it, you’re probably going to watch the whole thing. If you’re looking to stream Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren online, you still have time to sign up for and buy the PPV package.

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