Worn Out Wednesday – Andy Paltos

worn out wednesday andy paltos
Today we speak to the Head Menswear Designer of ROLLA’S, Neuw and A Brand:

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne is like the slightly unfortunate looking sister in comparison to her prettier sibling Sydney, however Melbourne has a much better personality with a cooler album collection and can dress ;) … Melbourne is black Sydney is blonde.

I have been working in design for just over 20 years – I started off as a graphic designer at 18 and then moved into textile design and silk painting then followed my heart strings into denim and youth apparel. I have designed denim for companies both great and small. I am a self confessed vintage collector and hoarder freak, I literally have hundreds and thousands of denim jeans & jackets / band tees / skate tee’s / skateboards etc. and I’m also a muscle car nut. I built my 65 GT Fastback Mustang when I was 19 and still have the same beast today, it’s my friend and life long companion steed ;)

I am currently the senior menswear designer at Melbourne based denim company Threebyone – ROLLA’S is one of three brands I look after and is held nearest and dearest to me because it is my partner (Sarah) and I’s little jean creation come to life (apart from the baby we just had – yes we are a ‘designer couple’. After spending the last decade working for big global denim brands I really wanted to work on something that was smaller and closer to my heart. ROLLA’S embodies the laid back personality, sexuality and love for jeans of the place where it was born – Australia. From 80s photographers, to skateboarding and pub rock bands, it is a balance of my (and Sarah’s) personal experiences and modern lifestyle. The focus is on simple details and clean lines. It’s all about the look, the fit and keeping it simple.

As for my personal style:


I literally have hundreds of pairs of vintage and new jeans as it is part of my job. Obviously I wear my own brand, but I also like Acne and old Helmut Lang – both brands are simple and classic, yet modern and stylish.


I love vintage printed patterned shirts, I think it is a hangover from my textile design days. I always admired Aussie rocker Nick Cave’s patterned printed shirts. I also have a thing for old denim shirts, when I left Wrangler I was lucky enough to be gifted Steve McQueen’s 1952 27MW denim shirt.


I’m not really a pants kinda guy…it’s all about the jeans!


I love a velvet suit. Saint Laurent, Acne or vintage. I like to mix and match vintage with new.


I alternate between RM Williams boots and Blundstone boots. I’m definitely a boot guy more so than trainers. My favorite would probably be my RM Williams custom made black suede boots. Who would of thought that the humble Australian work boot Blundstone would now be sold in Opening Ceremony as a high end fashion piece…fashion moves in mysterious ways….


I like a good hat, mine are all vintage. I recently picked up a great one at Assembly store in New York.


Vintage denim, old fitted suit jackets and leather jackets have always been me. I have a ton of old customized denim and leather jackets, my favorites are a 60s Perfecto Schott one star I picked up in Japan, an original black leather T-Birds jacket from the movie ‘Grease’ I bought from an old costume designer in LA and all of my customized denim jackets are my favorites I love them all! The jackets date from the 1950s through to the 1980s.

Favorite Cologne:

Comme des Garçons BLACK

Your favorite App:

Probably good old ‘Shazam‘…old school I know but it’s great for helping to find new music.

Favorite piece of technology:

My car- a 65 GT Fastback Mustang. It’s 50 years old this year but it’s still a technological piece of beauty in my eyes.

Next tech purchase:

A 1985 Beo Center Bang & Olufsen beat box


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