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Megan Freshley

Megan Freshley

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Megan Freshley is a freelance copywriter and poet living in Portland, OR. She's studied at Antioch College and the Esalen Insititute, and she earned her MFA from Portland State University. Learn more and get in touch at

feit shoedrive

FEIT Footwear Partners with the New Museum and the ICP Museum to Keep NYC’s Feet Warm

Need a winter shoe refresh? You can get yours while giving back, too, with FEIT's NYC shoe drive helping the homeless get back on their feet.
Distillery at House Spirits

House Spirits Makes a Name for Craft Distilling in the PNW

Nestled in Portland’s Industrial East Side, House Spirits Distillery is the Pacific Northwest’s crown jewel of craft booze.
Wilson football, Katz's Delicatessen Game Day Package

Tackle Super Bowl Hosting Like an MVP with Katz’s Delicatessen Game Day Package

Katz's Delicatessen Game Day Package is the MVP of your Super Bowl party or tailgate. Corned beef, pickles, & pastrami? Super Bowl LI never tasted so good.
Button on a menswear garment, How to sew a button

DIY Quick Fix: How to Sew a Button in 6 Easy Steps

If you’re an adult, you should know how to change a tire, give a firm handshake, and definitely how to sew a button back on.
cleansing conditioners

4 Cleansing Conditioners to Simplify Your Hair Routine

Here are the best cult-favorite men's cleansing conditioners to try. Eliminate a step that's become totally unnecessary: shampooing.
Lucky 8 Polaroid pack from Impossible Project

Get Lucky with Impossible Project’s Limited Edition Film Pack

Instead of the classic white border, the Impossible Project Lucky 8 pack frames your pics in a lush pop of metallic red. For every photo but one, that is.
airstream 2 go

Pick a Coast and Let Airstream 2 Go Plan the Rest

But not all of us, especially city-dwellers, have the space to hang on to one of those chrome beauties year-round. That’s where Airstream 2 Go comes in.
Chinese New Year lantern

Cock-a-doodle-doo, 2017 Is Year of the Rooster

Whether or not you already know all about Chinese astrology, here’s a rundown of what’s in the stars for 2017: year of the rooster.
Bible Club

Wash Down Your Sins at this Portland Speakeasy

Once you take a seat at PDX Bible Club's dimly-lit bar on the first floor of a 1922 craftsman house, you’ll know you’re not in Portland anymore.
Plated dish at a fancy restaurant, how to eat at a fancy restaurant

How to Eat at a Fancy Restaurant: 6 Etiquette Tips

If you rub elbows in fancy restaurants occasionally, it pays to know the basics of dining etiquette. Here's our guide to how to eat at a fancy restaurant.
Fourneau bread oven with ingredients, Fourneau Oven

For the Love of Gluten: Try Fourneau’s Sturdy Bread Oven

Made in the U.S., this minimal cast-iron Forneau bread oven gets the job done. Knead up your dough and place this piece right in your own oven.
chef knife

A Cut Above: Chatwin Co. Releases CRUCIAL Heirloom Collection

You can’t do much in the kitchen without a sophisticated chef knife. The CRUCIAL heirloom knife collection by Chatwin Co. is built to last.
ukiyo home readymade weekender

Step Up Your Kitchen Game: Ukiyo Home’s Readymade Weekender Dutch Oven

Hailing from a workshop in Kurume, Fukuoka, the Ukiyo Home Readymade Weekender Dutch Oven is built with cast iron using a detailed pattern mold.
Airstream trailers at Autocamp

Autocamp Brings Luxe Accommodations to Airstream Camping

With locations in Santa Barbara and Sonoma County’s Russian River, Autocamp satisfies your camping wanderlust for the outdoors without skimping on luxury.
Martone Cycling Freedom Bikes Collection

Ride Out Election Season on Martone’s Freedom Bikes

Martone Cycling limited edition Freedom Bikes collection is a surprise capsule with a flair for the bold. Learn about Lorenzo Martone's colorful vision.