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Zero Halliburton’s Sleek Pursuit Aluminum Luggage Collection Is Fit for James Bond

Traditional rollaboard luggage is fine for most everyday travel. But, there are times in life — say, when you’re smuggling diamonds or safeguarding the nuclear football for POTUS — that require something more. Enter Zero Halliburton’s Pursuit Aluminum Collection.

Every bag in the new collection is sleek, durable, and luxurious — the result of two full years of intense design, development, and testing. The brushed, anodized aluminum exterior features a tasteful matte finish that’s handsome without trying too hard. Sharply rounded corners and patent-pending ZH Concave Edging are functional additions that help minimize abrasions and other damage in transit while adding to the distinct, upscale look. A tasteful, textured pattern embedded into the aluminum not only looks great but also aids in hiding vertical scratches.

The Pursuit Aluminum Carry-on and Travel cases sit on a sturdy ZH Chassis that rolls on ball-bearing wheels for agile, ultra-smooth movement that’s quiet and effortless. Minimal, featherweight components throughout ensure every bag is as light as possible. Indeed, the mid-sized Continental Carry-On Case weighs just 12.5 pounds empty — respectable for a durable aluminum rollaboard.

Zero Halliburton incorporated other unique touches that are both modern and timeless. Sculpted, concave ribbing on every case in the collection recalls the lines of vintage sports cars. For the rolling cases, high-gloss ergonomic pull handles are a nod to the classic design of the company’s mid-century cases. A magnetized leather ID cover hides each bag’s unique serial number. Even the rounded security lock latches — otherwise functional, but ordinary on most luggage — feel classy and upscale.

In 1938, Zero Halliburton introduced the world to the first all-aluminum luggage. It’s a design that persists to this day, having inspired decades of copycats. With the Pursuit Aluminum collection, the brand builds on more than 80 years of experience to seamlessly blend elements of vintage luggage design with high-end modern materials and features. Although the new collection is distinct, it slots neatly into Zero Halliburton’s current ultra-high-end lineup.

Zero Halliburton’s Pursuit Aluminum Collection is available in three finishes and four sizes, with the smallest attache case starting at $455. The full-sized carry-on and checked bags price closer to $1,000.

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