This Danish Observation Tower Is Unlike Any You’ve Seen Before

Nordic culture is inextricably linked to the outdoors. Its countries are among the best in the world at finding new and unique ways to preserve, appreciate, and enjoy nature. This stunning underwater restaurant in Norway, this “5-million-star hotel” in Iceland, and this Game of Thrones ice hotel in Finland all come to mind. Now, Denmark’s Camp Adventure Park has found one more: a one-of-a-kind observation tower that’s sure to be unlike any you’ve seen before.

Camp Adventure Park winds through Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, one of Denmark’s most beautifully preserved forests. It’s an area of breathtaking natural beauty dotted with pristine lakes, creeks, and wetlands. It is here that a nearly 3,000-foot-long walkway will amble through the treetops. The walkway will be split into two levels: the elevated upper will pass through old growth parts of the forest, while the lower level will allow hikers to explore the younger greenery.

The twin paths will culminate in a newly built, 150-foot-tall observation tower. It will mark the highest point in Southern Zealand, arguably Denmark’s most stunning outdoor playground. The winding structure begins on the forest floor and winds in a continuous, unbroken spiral far above the treetops.

camp adventure park obersation tower 4
Camp Adventure Park

From an architectural standpoint, the tower is a modern marvel. The unique shape guarantees better stability, increased rigidity, and allows for a larger observation deck atop the tower. The 2,000-foot ramp uses a fixed gradient with varying spacing and geometry according to the curvature of each level, allowing it to be traversed by virtually anyone, no matter their physical condition. True to the country’s eco-friendly ethos, all 7,750 pieces of timber used in the construction will originate from renewable sources in local forests.

Situated an hour outside of Copenhagen, Camp Adventure Park has long been a favorite outdoor escape for locals and tourists. At its core lies a series of treetop adventure courses (a total of 10, with three new courses slated for when the park reopens for the 2018 season), including Denmark’s longest at 1,558 feet (475 meters). There’s also a  state-of-the-art indoor climbing wall and a nature playground.

The observation tower is currently under construction with an expected opening date sometime in later 2018. Camp Adventure Park opens every year for the season in March.