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Trek the South Pole on Your Own Antarctic Expedition

Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

Whether it’s climbing the world’s highest peaks, swimming the entire Pacific Ocean, or competing to see who can swallow the most stinging plants in an hour, we humans love to test the limits of our endurance. One niche travel company allows foolhardy explorers to undertake one of the most grueling overland journeys on the planet. Why? Because they can.

Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

Ski Last Degree is a 60-nautical-mile (that’s 69 miles to landlubbers) trek to the southernmost point on Earth. The 12-day journey looks to capture the unique spirit, the challenges, and the feeling of victory experienced by the world’s greatest polar explorers. It starts in Punta Arenas, Chile followed by a flight to Antarctica the next day. After two full days of expedition preparations, participants hop a charter flight to 89°S. Over the next five days, the journey traverses the last degree of latitude to reach the South Pole. The once-in-a-lifetime adventure concludes with a celebration dinner, a Certificate of Achievement, and a flight back to civilization.

Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

Make no mistake: This isn’t your typical “adventure tour.” This an extremely strenuous trek through some of the worst weather conditions and harshest polar terrain on the planet. Antarctica has a colder, drier, and windier climate than any other continent. On a windless, sunny day, temperatures at ALE’s base camp starting point rarely top 25 degrees Fahrenheit. At the South Pole, however, the highs hover around -13 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions

Preparation is not unlike planning a trip to Mars. There are numerous waivers to sign, checklists to check, and equipment and backup equipment and backup backup equipment to secure. Expedition participants are required to undertake months of physical and mental training in advance of the journey. Every person must be able to haul their own sled packed with provisions for eight to 12 hours of mixed trekking, skiing, and climbing per day for nearly 70 miles.

The price for this privilege? USD $64,500. But, those who complete the Ski Last Degree journey are in rare company as fewer travelers have made this trek than have climbed Mount Everest. Just ask yourself whether you’d rather have a new Porsche or the greatest cocktail party story ever?

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The seventh continent isn’t just for scientists and researchers, it has become a go-to bucket-list destination for avid travelers who want to see a place that so few have seen. One of the great things about Antarctica is that while you are there, you are witnessing nature in its most raw and natural form, untouched by man. If you want to get an insider view of what you can expect to see on a journey to Antarctica, we’ve compiled a photo series to help inspire you to travel there.
Expedition Style
If you are hankering a true Antarctic experience, your best option is to book a sailing expedition. Expeditions don’t necessarily follow an exact itinerary as they adapt to their surroundings and often change course due to various factors like weather or ice sheets, which make them a bit more exciting than a standard cruise. National Geographic Expeditions offers four options from 14 to 35 days, all with a max group size of 148 passengers, which means, everyone will have multiple opportunities to step foot on the continent. In addition, sailing with National Geographic Expeditions means that you will have a team of biologists, geologists, and undersea specialists on board who will offer insights and engaging presentations throughout the trip. In addition, each expedition has an on-board photo instructor and National Geographic photographer.


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If you've ever dreamed of traveling to Antarctica but have no idea as to how to make it happen or where to even start, we've broken it down for you to help you plan your epic adventure to the seventh continent. Whether you are a budget traveler or have income to spare, there are options for everyone, depending on how much time you have on your hands. There's even a day-trip option for those who just want to knock it off their bucket list without having to spend days on a ship. However you decide to get there, we hope to inspire you to learn more about one of the most remote parts of the world.
Hop on an Icebreaker

Before the boom in Antarctica tourism, you may have heard tales of people making their Ushuaia, Argentina, also known as the “end of the world,” which also happens to be the starting point for many Antarctica-bound ships. Backpackers and penny pinchers would go to the docks and offer money to mostly Russian ice-breakers that were headed towards Antarctica on their way to drop off supplies, or which were continuing to another destination for whatever reason. These ships are not meant for tourism and are therefore not at all comfortable, and you might even find yourself bunking in a room with some hard-working yet unfriendly sailors. This is by no means the best way to see the 7th continent, but during its peak popularity, it was the cheapest way to get there. But since you are on a working ship, don’t expect any stops or even narration as to where you are during the experience. In recent years, this type of travel has mostly been restricted to very limited spots and if you think you are the only person with the brilliant idea of jumping on a Russian icebreaker, you’d be sorely wrong. If you do plan to attempt this type of travel, know that it can at times take weeks to find space on a ship, and since there is such a demand, what used to cost barely nothing, has turned into a bidding war for space.
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