Reignite Your Creativity on an Exotic Moleskine Unsettled Retreat

Few life experiences can be as transformative as travel. For as long as creative types — artists, writers, singers, and the like — have sought inspiration, they’ve recognized the power of a retreat as a way to spark creativity. This year, the iconic Moleskine brand is partnering with Unsettled, a travel company, to launch a one-of-a-kind series of live-work retreats to the world’s most amazing and hopefully illuminating destinations.

The appropriately named Moleskine Unsettled Retreats series encourages creative types who embrace the unknown — new people, new places, and new cultures — to travel to and experience new and exotic locations. Every retreat in the series takes a holistic approach of experiential learning by immersing participants in the arts, culinary, and cultural scenes of one specific destination.

The retreats aren’t billed as mere woo-woo “journeys of spiritual enlightenment” for new-age digital nomads. Instead, Moleskine and Unsettled are actively seeking a diversity of participants from any country, any background, and any age group to join. Every member will overnight in unique, locally flavored accommodations, network in amazing co-working spaces, and share their day-to-day experiences among the group with the goal of collective inspiration.

Although they approach it from different angles, both companies recognize the value in learning through travel, so the partnership makes sense. Unsettled launched in 2016 by TED Residents Michael Youngblood and Jonathan Kalan as “a platform for global mobility, work, and purpose.” The list of retreats already includes iconic destinations like Buenos Aires, Tuscany, and Cape Town. All are designed as a way to break professionals out of their monotonous routine and encourage them to create and connect by collaborating with other like-minded individuals.

Moleskine Unsettled Retreat

Likewise, through their deep catalog of creativity-fueling products — travel journals, paper day planners, and even a chain of design-centric cafes — Moleskine has long been an integral part of the creative professional industry. Ask any traveler who still enjoys putting pen to paper, and there’s at least a 50/50 chance they’re packing a Moleskine journal.

Every retreat will be either two weeks or one month long. The first month-long Moleskine Unsettled retreat will debut in Ubud, Bali on May 4, 2019. The second retreat will follow on June 8 in Mexico City, one of the world’s most exciting cultural capitals.


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