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Projectkin’s Natural Fiber Carry-On Might Be the World’s Most Sustainable Luggage

With the world turned upside-down for most of us, it’s difficult to imagine that we might ever travel again. While you’re stuck at home daydreaming about that first post-isolation vacation, now is the perfect time to consider retiring your old luggage. In honor of Earth Day, why not make sure your next carry-on is sustainable?

Projectkin Natural Fiber Carry-On luggage

There’s no getting around the fact that travel is one of the most environmentally destructive activities we humans engage in. International travel has exploded in recent years, and it shows no signs of letting up. Until someone invents a reliable means of teleportation or passenger planes start flying on plant-based fuel, we can all do our part to travel a little greener.

Projectkin’s mission statement is “to permanently change the standards for products and the way people travel for the good of the planet.” Toward that end, the Copenhagen-based startup unveiled what might be the world’s most sustainable luggage. The Kin Carry-On features an exterior shell that mixes natural flax fibers with biodegradable bio-plastics made from fermented corn starch. This unique manufacturing process avoids the use of more than four pounds of plastic compared to making a traditional suitcase. The exterior is then accented with vegetable-tanned leather sourced from dairy cows. The award-winning, Nordic-inspired design is handsome, water-resistant, and sustainable.

Projectkin Natural Fiber Carry-On luggage

The Kin Carry-On boasts all the features of a modern, upscale rollaboard. An ergonomic, telescoping handle, 360-degree spinner wheels, and 6.6-pound dry weight make for smooth, quiet rolling. It seals securely with a number 8 coil zipper and three-dial, TSA-approved combination lock. Inside, the flax linen interior looks good and is also tough enough to endure years of use. Plus, it’s guaranteed to fit the overhead bin size requirements of most major airlines.

Projectkin Natural Fiber Carry-On luggage

The Kin Carry-On is now available in black or beige for $299 with free shipping in the U.S. and Europe. The entire Kin collection includes sustainable tote bags, packing cubes, and other travel-friendly bags as well. Projectkin is currently donating 50% of its profits to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to help the World Health Organization battle the coronavirus pandemic. Shop now and do some good for both the planet and humanity.

If the idea of traveling with only carry-on luggage seems daunting, check out our guide to packing like a pro so you can skip the checked baggage line entirely.

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