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Lume Traveler No. 1 Trailer Features a Panoramic, Retractable Roof for Stargazing

From stripped-down, hitch-mounted camping cubes to hardcore, offroad-centric offerings, there’s a travel trailer for every personality and road-tripping style. However, we’re confident the Lume Traveler No. 1 is the only one on the market with a panoramic sunroof. Think of it as “the nature lover’s travel trailer.”

According to its website, Lume company founder Hein van de Laar is not a fan of camping, but he loves relaxing in nature. As a designer, he challenged himself to craft a travel trailer that married these two disparate notions. The result is the streamlined, compact Lume Traveler No. 1.

The exterior is a study in Dutch minimalist design. The gently curved, all-aluminum body creates a silhouette that’s equal parts teardrop trailer and modern toy hauler. Blind rivets and retro-future rims add rugged character to the otherwise sleek frame. The rear hatch opens to reveal a sizable outdoor kitchen with twin gas burners, a 40-liter fridge, a wash basin, and plenty of cabinet space for your tableware, glassware, and s’mores essentials.

Inside, Lume offers the pared-down simplicity of a traditional teardrop trailer. A full-sized bed, felted wool upholstery, sustainable teak trim, and hand-stitched leather fill the interior creating a warm, upscale sleeping “cocoon.” Twin reading lights and USB charging ports provide a dash of modern luxury.

What sets the Traveler No. 1 apart is overhead. The 6-by-3.5-foot, panoramic soft-top roof slides open to reveal nothing but sky. The Sunbrella fabric is among the most weatherproof outdoor materials on the market, and the built-in insect screen ensures a peaceful night’s sleep even with the roof open. It’s your own “million-star-hotel.”

Lume is a tiny company with limited production runs for all of their trailers. Only 50 of the Traveler No.1 will be available. At an eye-popping €46,500 (approximately USD $53,550) plus shipping from Europe, the Lume Traveler No. 1 isn’t cheap. But, if you’re looking to stand out, even among the sleekest Airstream trailers, it’s a solid option. If that’s still too rich for your blood, the company offers two cheaper alternatives: Lume Basic (similar to the flagship No. 1 but with fewer features) and the Lume Shell (an empty travel trailer “shell” designed to be custom outfitted according to the buyer’s preferences).

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