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4 Handsome Airstream Rentals to Book on Airbnb Right Now

It’s been hard to hit the road with winter superstorms, holiday family dinners, and the darkness of daylight savings time, but it’s time to for a vacation. We’re not looking for lavish hotel suites or all-inclusive resorts to satisfy the craving for exploration, relying instead on old-school aluminum Airstreams to wring out all the natural, simple beauty of new destinations.

These four stationary Airstream rentals hold perfect five-star ratings on Airbnb and offer cross-country and cross-continent spots to post up for a few days in Texas, Malibu, Spain, and Tokyo.

Malibu Dream Airstream

At $600 a night, this California caravan is an escapist’s dream. The listing cautions, “PLEASE DO NOT BOOK THIS LISTING: if you are afraid of nature or its creatures. Understand you are surrounded by thousands of completely untouched nature. You are very likely to hear (or see) coyotes, owls, seals, roadrunners, and bunnies.” One bed and one bath fits three guests at the most. The modest Airstream was stripped down to its bare aluminum studs and converted into a secluded studio posted up over a huge cantilevered deck with unrivaled views of the Santa Monica mountains and Pacific Ocean. Set your alarm before dawn to catch the morning fog float in below your feet, giving you a sense that you’ve driven to a new ethereal frontier.

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Airstream Glamping in Andalucia

Where? Andalucia, Spain. That’s right, the road can’t limit our travel to domestic boundaries. Set among the gorgeous Sierra de las Nieves mountain range in southern Spain, this remodeled 1930s classic caravan combines retro nostalgia with posh design for a truly out-there adventure. While the Airstream fits two, we wouldn’t be mad taking this trip solo, spending our days meandering the 20 minutes down the mountain track to the village of Alozaina, which has enough rustic charm to make you feel like a character in Chocolat. “Life is slow here, and not to be rushed!” the lister writes. “There are several tapas bars, cafes, and a couple of decent restaurants, as well shops.” Reconnect while disconnecting and enjoy living off the land at only $113 a night.

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Retro Texas Airstream

No cross-country road trip is complete without a drive through Texas. Stop in Wimberley (about an hour outside of Austin) for a night at the modest $130-per-night retro camper that brings a glamping vibe to the RV experience. Parked in the Texas Hill Country, this Airstream includes a hot tub, fire pit, outdoor shower, queen bed, kitchen, Wi-Fi, TV, and library of classic western films. Not feeling the tech? Keep the door open to the elm grove and listen for the sounds of 10 creek-side acres of nature. Made for two guests, the retro décor is reminiscent of bygone days on the road. For this reason, the Airstream has been daintily named The Dixie Daisy. Its owners urge you to “come stay a spell.” Bring your doggo for an extra $50.

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Caravan Tokyo

Compact and contemporary, you wouldn’t expect this mini-camper to be parked in the middle of Tokyo, Japan. Nestled inside a secure mixed-use complex that includes a shared office (open for you to use), a gallery, food vendors, and some of the best coffee in the bustling capitol, Caravan Tokyo is small but puts to shame those casket-pod traveler “hotels.” With its own handcrafted wooden deck, you’ll find the quaint breath you need away from home but not quite in the middle of nowhere. The camper itself was also built by local craftspeople, so it’s not technically an Airstream, but will let it pass. Unlike similar rentals, the structure is properly connected to a water supply and drainage. At $115 a night, this is hands down the most unique stay you’ll ever have in The Land of the Rising Sun.

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