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Binge-Travel the World in Luxury With Inspirato’s Unlimited Monthly Pass

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From Spotify to Netflix to DoorDash’s unlimited DashPass food delivery, the most popular services these days are based on the all-you-can-binge concept. Luxury travel organizer Inspirato is boldly rethinking the idea of travel with a new monthly pass designed on this same buffet model. The brand’s new travel subscription pass could be a game-changer for modern nomads.

The new Inspirato Pass promises “endless travel for $2,500 per month with no nightly rates, taxes, or fees.” Unlike similar travel passes that only offer the “privilege” of booking accommodations, this pass essentially guarantees unlimited stays throughout the world for one flat monthly fee. The Inspirato website boasts more than 60,000 luxury hotels, resorts, and vacation homes, plus access to unique experiences like African safaris, Mediterranean cruises, and worldwide sporting events. The list of available opportunities in more than 150 locations around the world is updated daily. Pass holders can secure one booking at a time, and all reservations are made directly through the Inspirato website up to 12 months in advance. Once their current reservation has elapsed, they’re welcome to book their next stay or experience.

As an end-to-end luxury travel provider, Inspirato also provides pass holders with full-service treatment during their stay or experience. The company offers dedicated vacation advisers who can help with pre-trip planning. Once on-site, pass holders receive concierge service, daily housekeeping, and full access to most of Inspirato’s other five-star benefits. Trips can also be canceled up to 72 hours in advance without penalty.

The entry-level Inspirato Pass is priced at $2,500 per month with the option to add unlimited friends and family sharing privileges for an additional $500 per month. Upgraded tiers are available in multiples of $2,500 and $500 respectively, with each tier offering additional concurrent reservations. For $5,000 plus $1,000, Tier 2 pass holders can secure two reservations at one time, and so on. Although Inspirato is primarily marketing its pass to affluent travelers, the price is surprisingly affordable. For anyone accustomed to the sky-high cost of living in a major city like New York City, Los Angeles, or Tokyo, that flat fee could provide significant savings on housing costs.

More and more people are trading in their house keys to live a life of perpetual travel. Thanks to ever-present internet connections, the ease of remote working, and a strong desire to downsize, there’s hardly been a better time to be a digital nomad. There’s no time like right now to “retire” to a life on the road.

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