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What Instagram’s Most Famous Travel Entrepreneur Can’t Live Without

Jeremy Jauncey

Stopped at a red light or riding the Red Line, chances are you’ve scrolled across the Beautiful Destinations Instagram page. Launched in 2012, it captivates would-be travelers multiple times a day with striking photos and videos from around the world, and to date, the account has accrued more 19 million followers. The company has also expanded into digital marketing, and past clients include the Egypt Tourism Authority, the Jamaica Tourism Board, and Air Canada, just to name a few. But behind every behemoth Instagram account is a singular man with a vision, and if you peer behind the curtain of tourism industry juggernaut Beautiful Destinations, you’ll find CEO and Founder Jeremy Jauncey.

“I am a passionate believer that [travel] is a force for good that can help us better understand different cultures and connect with each other,” Jauncey, 36, tells The Manual. Down-to-earth, cultured, and with Instagram-worthy looks of his own, the Scottish and Colombian entrepreneur has traveled to more than 75 countries, though he says it’s impossible to choose his favorite. Much easier: where he’s dying to travel to next, which includes Norway, Madagascar, and Panama.

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Like those he’s inspired, Jauncey says that his own influences for his successful business are myriad and worldwide. “In the early days of Instagram we realized that people from all walks of life were connecting over a shared passion for travel and photography and that social media was a way for them to express themselves,” he says. “We wanted to be the place they could do that and foster a community that would celebrate the power of travel.” Beautiful Destinations is truly a community and platform for everyone.

So what keeps him going? Jauncey revealed to The Manual his travel EDC, a list of essential items for his own personal and professional travel, easing the stress on the mind and body. “You’ll notice that a lot revolve around health,” he says. “This is the one non-negotiable for me when I travel, as taking care of yourself when you’re on the road is critical.”

Athletic Greens Travel Packs Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily, Whole Food Sourced All in One Greens Supplement

While dining options on planes and in airports have grown more refined in recent years, it can still be tough to source a healthy meal if you’re in a rush. “It’s always hard getting good nutrition in airports, on planes, or at gas stations along your route,” Jauncey says. “I have [Athletic Greens] travel packs with me in my hand luggage, checked luggage, and just about anywhere else I can when I’m on the road.” Mixed in water, a single serving provides 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients to support immune system, gut health, energy, and recovery. “I take it every day without fail, sometimes twice if I’ve done a long-haul flight or had a particularly hard workout,” he adds.

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Dreamers Glasses

Man wearing Dreamers glasses.

When you’re a professional traveler, jet lag is nothing to sleep on. Dreamers eyeglasses claim to help get you to dreamland faster by blocking blue and green light, which can confuse the body’s natural circadian rhythm. “Sleep is always my biggest challenge when I travel — with airlines, airports, taxis, and hotel rooms blasting you with toxic blue and green light. Dreamers are scientifically proven to block 99.9% of [green and blue] light so you can improve the quality of your sleep when you travel,” he says.

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Hyperice Hypervolt Go

A Hyperice Hypervolt Go massage gun.

“My body aches after travel, especially long haul flights, so having this in my hand luggage to get blood flowing and ease pains has been a lifesaver,” Jauncey says. This massage gun weighs less than two pounds, has three speed settings, and has enough juice for more than 2.5 hours of use. The TSA has already approved it for your carry-on luggage, though we can’t vouch for your checked bags.

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Master and Dynamic MW65 Headphones

A Pair of Master and Dynamic MW65 Headphones

These headphones may look like a retro find from your grandparents’ record cabinet, but underneath their vintage exterior are wholly modern components, cutting-edge sound, noise-canceling performance, and dual microphones for focused-in calls. It’s no wonder that a refined gentleman like Jauncey would select them for audio experience both in-flight and on the ground. “With work-life now remote and meetings happening on Zoom, I need good audio equipment to stay connected and productive,” he says. “These have been my go-to for years.”

Ten Thousand Workout Apparel and Loungewear

A man wearing Ten Thousand's workout apparel.
Ten Thousand

“The most versatile workout gear I’ve ever had,” Jauncey says. “I wear the recovery line when I travel.” A favorite with both professional athletes and the everyman, Ten Thousand’s fabrics are second to none and its fits have to be experienced to be believed. In our humble opinion, its gear represents the epitome of men’s activewear right now (and the Instagram entrepreneur’s abs would seem to agree).

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