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Ski Deals: Save Up to 35% on Men’s Skis From Brands Like K2

Despite what some may think, skiing can be accessible to anybody — there are even many great ski resorts for beginners that can help ease them into skiing and teach them all the important things they need to know when getting started. Besides ski resorts and the traditional skiing experience one might expect, there are also some amazing national forests for cross-country skiing that provides a different, and sometimes more awesome, experience. That being said, skiing can be expensive, especially when you have to buy things like ski backpacks and other equipment, with the skis themselves often being the most costly thing.

To that end, we’ve collected some excellent budget ski deals for men, whether you’re a beginner or advanced.

Rossignol Blackops Smasher Skis with Bindings — $292, was $450

Rossignol BlackTops Smasher Skis with Bindings.

Built as a great intermediary stage between children’s and adult skis, the Rossignol Blackops Smasher Skis are incredibly versatile because of their popular core, balancing weight and stability and allowing the skier to enjoy themselves while providing a ton of power. The tip also has a Damp Tech insert, which helps reduce vibrations and absorb any weird bumps or humps in the terrain. The cap construction helps give you a more comfortable ride. To top it all off, bindings are included, although be sure to get them done by a professional rather than doing it yourself.

K2 Mindbender 90C — $400, was $500

K2 Mindbender Skis on a white background.

If you want some lightweight skis, the K2 Mindbender 90C skis are the way to go, especially considering that they are really, really lightweight. These skis are surprisingly good for their price, being great all-around and quite resilient given their Aspen veneer core. K2 has also woven some carbon stringers into their braided fiberglass to add a bit more spring and pop, which is great if the goal is more about playfulness than power. You also get all-terrain rockers for their versatility, with the 30-degree angle providing great accuracy and responsiveness.

Black Crows Captis Skis — $456, was $570

Green and black Black Crows Captis skis on a white background.

Black Crows Captis Skis are made for more advanced skiers who can really appreciate their stability and build, and are perfectly made for groomed runs or where there is light snow leftover from the previous day. The poplar core provides some great weight while still being light and responsive, and they have some great edge grip, making them for longer curves without having to worry about the exit. As for the rocker, they’re doubles and help with the control and maneuverability that’s the signature of these skis, making them great for those who want a good balance between aggressiveness and playfulness.

Blizzard Rustler 10 Skis — $490, was $700

Blizzard Rustler skis in blue and black.

Another ski that is perfectly built for groomed and powdered runs, the Blizzard Rustler 10 Skis are hard to classify on whether they’re great for all-mountain or free-riding since they’re great at both. That being said, beginners may struggle with these a little, as they’re targeted more toward experienced skiers and made to push the edge of what a skier can do, especially given their maneuverability and playfulness. Interestingly, the core is made of wood and partial metal called Titanal, which helps reduce torsional rigidity, and a smooth yet deep rocker, and a lot of tail splay. So, if you love to go fast and have a lot of powdered or groomed runs around, these skis have the pedigree to do it!

Atomic Backland 107 Skis — $560, was $700

Red and black Atomic Backland skis.

Stable yet fast, the Atomic Backland 107 Skis are just as great for touring as they are for powdered and all-mountain runs, and in fact, Atomic themselves considered these part of their touring collection, so that should already tell you quite a bit. The core is made out of poplar and caruba and is referred to as “Ultra-Light Woodcore,” which essentially means that it’s both strong and lightweight, which works great for uphill and aggressive skiing. In fact, given their stiffness and stability, you could let loose on these and enjoy yourself, something that you don’t always find in skis that are this wide. That being said, they aren’t bad for playfulness either, making them an excellent all-rounder from a great brand.