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Hurry! This top-rated Coleman 10-person tent is 68% off today

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Tent deals don’t get much better value than the one we’ve spotted at Woot today. Currently, you can buy the Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person camping tent for just $70 meaning you’re saving a huge $149 off the usual price of $219. It’s a huge tent that fits 10 people or three Queen-size airbeds so you can snooze in style while you’re camping. The deal ends when the day does so you only have a matter of hours to snap it up. Here’s why we recommend it.

Why you should buy the Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person camping tent

As highly regarded as many of the best camping tents, the Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person camping tent is designed so you can set up a home base while you’re exploring. It’s tall enough to stand in comfortably while it has a hinged front door and a room divider for extra privacy. Like the best waterproof tents, it’s guaranteed to keep you dry with a WeatherTec system which features a tub floor with patented corner welds, protected seams, and a covered zipper for keeping water out.

Despite its size, the Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person camping tent takes just 20 minutes to assemble thanks to its snag-free continuous pole sleeves, patented pin-and-ring system, and snag-free Insta-Clip suspension. Its frame has been tested to withstand wind speeds of over 35MPH while it’s highly durable too.

It might be excessive for some people’s needs but at this price, it’s hard to say no to the Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person camping tent. It matches all that our tent buying guide could recommend. That even comes down to things like its angled windows which allow air in but not the rain. There are also integrated pockets which make it easy to store small items, while its anti-wicking thread, webbing, and zippers all contribute to keeping you dry. Finally, don’t forget about the easy-to-use Velcro frame attachments. Coleman has really thought of every element here so it’s no wonder that the Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person camping tent is so highly regarded.

Normally priced at $219, the Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person camping tent is down to $70 as one of Woot’s daily deals. That means you only have until the end of today to buy it at this price so you’ll need to be quick to make the purchase. Don’t miss out if you have lofty camping plans in your future.

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