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Dynafit’s Mountopia Is Your Ticket To Adventure

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Whether you’re an urban cyclist and gym goer, or mountain town climber and skier, every athlete needs a serious goal to train for. This winter season, our friends at Dynafit put together their Mountopia competition to help every day athletes get in expedition shape and compete for the trip of a lifetime. The best part? The rewards, adventure, and travel are decided on by you.

If you’ve been itching for an excuse to train for an Everest Basecamp trek, mountain bike ride across the Rockies, or paddle and climb in Iceland, you’ve got a few short months to make your goals reality. The only catch? You’ve only got until early January to get your mountain sports dream put together and a training plan in place so you can impress the panel of professional athlete and mountain guide judges.

Accept the challenge and win with Dynafit #Mountopia

The beauty of your personal Mountopia is that your personal goals may range from competing in your very first ski-mountaineering race or trail ultramarathon, to a solo winter trek through the Wind River Range. There is no wrong answer or outdoors sport too far out. What’s more, every entrant can interact with famed Dynafit athletes and guides to help build mountain sports skills, craft a unique training plan, and set themselves apart to become a finalist.

Mountopia Cody Barnhill
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You can start logging work outs and photos at the main Mountopia site right now. It’s also a good idea to check out Dynafit’s TLT Collection to start building your mountain gear kit- ski trekking, ultra trail running, and alpine climbing all require specific sets of essential equipment. From there, ten finalists will be chosen in early January based on their goals; there is no discrimination on sport, competition, or expedition. Those finalists will get two weeks and a new GoPro camera to introduce themselves and their goals to the judges and entire international Mountopia community. The overall winner will get a sponsorship package to realize their mountain dreams this spring. What are you waiting for? Get out there and claim your own Mountopia right now.

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