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These amazing moisture-wicking socks will keep your feet dry this summer

The best moisture wicking socks will keep your feet fresh

Hanes Originals Men's No-Show Socks on model

Imagine you and your girl have just come home from a romantic hike together, but it was pretty hot out and your feet got a little sweaty since you’re not exactly wearing the best moisture-wicking socks for men. You’re not quite at that comfortable stage yet where you want to let her know you’re feet stink (you may never get there) and you’re hitting yourself for not buying a proper pair of socks that could take away that problem completely.

Okay, okay, moisture-wicking socks are not the snazziest or most fashionable workout gear, especially compared to Nike sneakers or Puma sweatpants. But, if you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of getting sweaty feet and blisters from cheap cotton socks, it’s time to upgrade your underwear drawer with the best moisture-wicking socks for men.

Best moisture-wicking socks for men

Feetures High Performance Ultra Light No Show Tab Socks

Moisture-wicking socks are designed specifically to keep your feet dry even when it’s pushing 101 degrees out, and you’re starting to feel like a gingerbread man baking in the oven. Just like your favorite quick-drying t-shirt, these high-performance socks keep your feet dry during intense workout sessions when odor is certainly a concern, but also hygiene, as you can get athlete’s foot, fungal infections, and chafing.

1. Features High-Performance Ultra Light No Show Tab Socks

Feetures High Performance Ultra Light No Show Tab Socks

Made with iWick fibers, these Features High-Performance Ultra Light socks are designed not only to keep your feet from sweating but to stave away blisters. They offer a super snug fit with LYCRA® spandex to keep your feet from sliding around on the inside of your shoe. You’ll barely notice them while still getting the cushioning you need as you traverse the foothills of some far-off mountain or do a jog on the treadmill at your local gym. They come in a wide range of 8 different color choices.

2. Nike Everyday Cushioned Crew Socks

Nike Everyday Cushioned Crew Socks

These days, you can tell who is over 30 by whether or not they’re wearing ankle socks at the gym, so if you want to stick to the trends the kids are sporting these days, the Nike Everyday Cushioned Crew Socks are your friend. These feature a thick terry cushioning to give you extra comfort during high-impact activities like running or jumping, while a tight band around the arch of your foot gives you extra support. The best moisture-wicking socks require breathable material, and these are a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex that stretch around your foot for a tight grip that doesn’t feel claustrophobic on your toes. They come in 12 different colors, including basic black and more noticeable orange.

3. Hylaea No Show Running Socks

Hylaea No Show Running Socks

These ankle socks put the best in the best moisture-wicking socks for men with their Coolmax fabric that will make your feet feel like they’ve got some kind of built-in air conditioner. The Hylaea No Show Running Socks feature a padded cushion for impact-like running and come with a tight fit to prevent blisters. They’re perfect for any sport, whether it be running, golf, or tennis, as they have an athletic tab that will prevent you from slipping.

4. Hanes Originals Men’s No-Show Socks

Hanes Originals Men's No-Show Socks

Hanes is like that go-to comfort brand that you’ll always keep coming back to, and now that their socks are made to let your feet breathe, you’ll love them even more. Hanes Originals Men’s No-Show Socks feature a moisture-wicking fabric with a durable quality that lasts all day long, regardless of what you’re doing. They have a snug fit so you won’t get blisters, and come low-cut so you won’t see them in your shoes. Ideally, as always, these Hanes socks come in a pack of 6 and 3 different colors.

5. Lululemon Men’s Power Stride Tab Socks

Lululemon Men's Power Stride Tab Socks

Similar to the others we mentioned, the Men’s Power Stride Tab Socks from Lululemon comes with moisture-wicking fabric, a tab design to keep your feet from slipping, and reinforced cushioning to give you extra support during training sessions. They come in a pack of 3 and 5 different colors, including a bright blue and yellow version.

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