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Lightship’s all-new L1 is a sleek, telescoping RV that looks and feels ready for space travel

Work, camp, and live anywhere for weeks at a time with all the power you'll ever need

Lightship L1 all-electric RV/travel trailer being towed by a pickup truck.

Electric vehicles and recreational vehicles have both exploded in popularity. So, it was only a matter of time before electric recreational vehicles became a thing. The best eRVs are packed with massive battery banks, rooftop solar arrays, and all the power outlets and techno-wizardry that modern digital nomads could ever need for their camping/work-from-anywhere setups. That’s exactly what the all-new Lightship L1 is all about. But this one-of-a-kind electric RV has even more clever tricks up its sleeve.

Rear corner view of the panoramic windows on the Lightship L1 electric travel trailer.

All about Lightship’s all-new L1

Take one look at the stunning launch photos, and it’s clear the L1 is no ordinary RV. The sleek, glass-wrapped exterior is handsome, mysterious, and thoroughly modern. But in its collapsed “Road Mode,” it’s not immediately obvious what it actually is. It feels equal parts toy hauler, pop-up camper, and Martian space pod. That design was, of course, very intentional. Besides just looking great, it makes the L1 arguably the most aerodynamic all-electric RV on the market. Lightship spent thousands of hours refining the details, including telescoping walls, a boat-tailed rear, and a tongue box that integrates seamlessly into the overall shape of the traveler to stabilize airflow no matter what type of tow vehicle you’re driving.

Overhead view of the massive rooftop solar array and awnings on a Lightship L1 electric RV.

The main goal for Lightship engineers was to eliminate the “range anxiety” common for most EV owners, worried about where their next “fill-up” might be. That anxiety more than doubles when towing a heavy travel trailer, especially on longer road trips. That’s why the L1 was designed with an optional Long Range package with its own motor and battery to propel itself down the highway. This not only significantly improves range and gas mileage but also lightens the load and wear and tear on the tow vehicle.

Bright, open-concept interior of the Lightship L1 all-electric travel trailer.

The magic of the L1 is in its telescoping design. Once at camp, the dual-mode trailer transforms from Road Mode to Camp Mode with hard-sided walls that rise to full residential height (7’6”, to be exact) to dramatically increase the interior living space. Inside, the cabin is plush, even luxurious, and flooded by natural light thanks to the panoramic windows. There’s enough room for up to six adults, depending on the configuration. Plus, the L1 offers all the comforts of home, like all-electric appliances, including a dishwasher and connected features all around. It’s all powered by a massive rooftop solar array that charges a hardcore electric system designed to camp off-grid for a week, use to charge your EV, or even as a home backup generator.

Lightship’s L1 electric RV is now available for pre-order with an expected ship date of late 2024. The base price is $125,000, but buyers can score federal tax credits to soften the sticker shock down to a manageable $118,400. Honestly, given all its baked-in tech, that price tag feels like an absolute steal. Plus, you can reserve yours with just a $500 deposit and start daydreaming today about where your first trip will be.

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