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Juiced RipCurrent S E-bike Review: All-Around E-bike Greatness

Move over bikes. E-bikes are here and they’re literally more powerful than you. E-bikes are rising in popularity in a big way right now, and as a result, there are hundreds of different options on the market from both bike industry giants and new startups committed entirely to building electric bikes. Among the latter is Juiced, whose fat-tire commuter e-bike, the RipCurrent S, is getting a lot of attention. Accordingly, we thought we’d weigh in with our review of the Juiced RipCurrent S.

This is no blind review based on reading the thoughts of others. The writer of this piece has tested the RipCurrent S extensively alongside a slew of the industry’s best and determined conclusively that this is one of the best e-bikes of any price point or variety. It was tested on surfaces spanning asphalt to gravel to ice, uphill and around winding curves, and we pushed its battery to the limit. Suffice to say that we were supremely satisfied with this superior e-bike.

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A man riding the Juiced RipCurrent S Ebike through the desert.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

What Is the Juiced RipCurrent S E-bike?

Let’s not bury the lede: The Juiced RipCurrent S is an outstanding e-bike, superior to many of a much higher price point. Available in both standard frame and step-thru, it’s an attractive bike that somehow manages to look both classic and modern at the same time.

Powerful and equipped with admirable battery life, it delivers on everything you need whether you’re commuting, riding over gravel or low-impact trails, or just pedaling around town for fun. Few e-bikes on the market offer such diverse capabilities.

How Does it Work?

Juiced RipCurrent S

As a Class 3 e-bike, the RipCurrent S is equipped with a throttle capable of propelling it up 28 miles per hour with barely any exertion at all. In fact, from a stop, the throttle will zip you up to more than 20 miles per hour in a couple of seconds without pedaling at all. Its 9-speed cassette gears shift fluidly, and the ride experience is as smooth as silk.

Arguably the best thing about the RipCurrent S — and that’s saying a lot, because there’s a lot to love about this bike — involves its battery life and range. Depending on factors like hills, road quality, cargo weight, and how fast you pedal, it’s got an impressive range of 40-120 miles. When tested alongside several other bikes, the RipCurrent S accelerated faster than most and outlasted all of them.

What Are the Features of the Juiced RipCurrent S?

  • 750W Bafang Hub Motor
  • Throttles up to 28 MPH
  • 70+ miles of range
  • Cadence and torque pedal assist
  • 994 Watt Hour battery
  • Digital display
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Rear rack and fenders
  • All-terrain fat tires
  • Super bright headlight
  • 9-speed transmission

What Do I Like About the Juiced RipCurrent S?

  • Performance

Having compared the Juiced RipCurrent S against over a dozen e-bikes within its relative price segment, I can report that few deliver the same fusion of speed, acceleration, and battery rage. It performs like e-bikes that are twice its price.

  • Design

Beyond the electrical and propulsion elements, the overall design of the RipCurrent S is excellent. It’s a great-looking bike that boasts a sturdy design. It’s got a timeless aesthetic that won’t go out of style, and it’s got the hearty craftsmanship to make sure that it lasts.

  • Capability

With its fat tires, the RipCurrent S has excellent grip over tricky surfaces like water, gravel, dust, and even light ice. While it’s an ideal urban commuter, I wouldn’t hesitate to take it over medium-difficulty trails.

  • Comfort and Accessories

It also includes a sturdy integrated rear cargo carrier, a super illuminating headlight, fenders, a bell, and a taillight. The handlebars are ergonomic and feel great for hours of riding, and the seat does too. Juiced also offers a slew of slick accessories and add-ons, so there’s a fair amount you can do in regards to tailoring the RipCurrent S to your needs.

What I Don’t Like About the Juiced RipCurrent S?

Literally nothing. I would venture to say that it is a perfect e-bike.

FAQs About the Juiced RipCurrent S

The Juiced RipCurrent S currently holds a 4.8-star rating based on over 600 reviews. This indicates that buyers agree: The RipCurrent S is one awesome e-bike. The only common complaint seems to be that some customers had delayed shipping times due to supply chain issues, but these have been solved and didn’t detract from the bike itself in any case. Most customer questions involve personalizing the layout, warranties, and specific features.

Can I switch my handlebars for flat bar?

The RipCurrent comes with upright handlebars, but these can be switched out for lower-rising options.

What is the warranty on the RipCurrent S?

The company covers the frame, mechanical, and electrical components for one year.

Does the RipCurrent S include GPS?

No, but aftermarket bike GPS tools can be mounted on the handlebars with ease.

Isthe RipCurrent S a good bike?

No. It’s a great bike.

Should You Buy the Juiced RipCurrent S?

If you’re looking for a versatile, comfortable, powerful e-bike at a relatively affordable price, look no further. While there are other specialized e-bikes at higher prices that deliver more of this or that, you simply won’t find another e-bike for $2,000 that is so all-around satisfying.

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