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The Priority Current Ebike is Classy, Stylish, and Smooth

Over the past several months I’ve been testing ebikes from a wide range of categories, from cheap, folding options to luxurious mountain bikes and plenty of ebikes in between. Falling somewhere in the upper part of “in-between” is the Priority Current. At a few hundred bucks upward of $3,000, it’s certainly not spendthrift but it’s also not among the more unattainably priced ebikes. So how does it stack up? Here’s our review of the Priority Current.

I tested the Priority Current alongside several other bikes of a similar price point, riding it over a range of road surface conditions, up hills and along straightaways, and generally put it through its paces. In other words, you can ride assured knowing that this is a thoroughly considered review.

White Priority Current ebike against a white background.
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What Is the Priority Current Ebike?

The Priority Current is a Class 3 ebike, meaning that its pedal-assist motor will reach and sustain 28 miles per hour. It has a classically stylish, somewhat minimalist look, and is available in white and charcoal.

While the aforementioned minimalist aesthetic might give off the impression that it prioritizes looks over power, once you get on the thing you’ll quickly see how wrong first impressions can be. The pedal-assist will certainly zip the Current up to speed, and it looks great while doing so.

How Does the Priority Current ebike Work?

The Current boasts a 500W torque-sensing motor that provides plenty of power and acceleration. While it ships in Class 1 mode (meaning that it will be limited to 20 miles per hour), it can easily be adjusted to Class 3 (28 miles per hour) in the settings on its digital screen.

It has a 500-watt hour battery that delivers a range of 30-60 miles depending on factors like rider weight, road conditions, and pedal-assist strength. The Current is available with either a Shimano Inter 5 hub or Enviolo Sportive transmissions, both of which are smooth and make hills a snap.

At the center of the handlebars is a digital display that allows you to view and control an impressive array of data and settings, from pedal-assist and Class levels, to battery level and trip information, and more. You can even use it to set a password or switch the Current into “walk assist” mode, which will propel the bike at a continuous 1.5 miles per hour to keep pace while you’re walking.

What Are the Features of the Priority Current ebike?

  • 500W torque-sensing motor
  • Pedal assist up to 28 miles per hour
  • 30-60 miles of range
  • 500 wh battery
  • Shimano or Evniolo transmission
  • Fenders
  • Front and rear lights
  • Digital control screen

What do I Like About the Priority Current ebike?

  • Performance – While its motor isn’t the most powerful I’ve seen at this price, it certainly delivers solid acceleration and overall performance. The range is above average, and the riding experience is smooth
  • Design – While some people prefer a more tech vibe to their ebikes, I really like the Current’s classic style. It looks like something you would ride along a canal in Europe. It’s also extremely comfortable and ergonomic.
  • Digital settings and data – In terms of customizing the settings and providing trip information, few other ebikes compare. Once you really start to dig into the settings on the digital screen, you will be impressed.

What I Don’t Like About the Priority Current ebike?

No throttle. It’s literally the only thing I think is lacking. While you don’t need one, it sure is fun to have.

FAQs About the Priority Current ebike

Is the ride jerky?

No, it provides one of the smoother riding experiences I’ve come across. Particularly when it’s equipped with the Enviolo transmission, which shifts with buttery smoothness.

What is the warranty?

It’s one of the better ebike warranties I’ve seen: 5 years on the frame and forks for material and workmanship defects; 2 years on all components for manufacturing defects; battery guaranteed for two years or 700 cycles.

What is the difference between the Shimano and Enviolo hubs?

The Enviolo is a CVT shifter that is always in a gear no matter what. It shifts smoothly and effortlessly and is adjusted based on a little readout that indicates hill steepness. The Shimano is a 5-gear hub that uses a traditional shifter. The former offers a wider gear range while the Shimano has a sportier, sharper shifting experience.

Should You Buy the Priority Current ebike?

If you’re looking for a sleek, solid performer to use as a daily commuter or just to bomb around the neighborhood, the Priority Current is a great ebike. Theoretically, I would dock it points due to its lack of a throttle, but there are so many other cool features — like the walking assist — that it still rivals other options within its price range.

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