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Get Far, Far Off-Grid With the Solar-Powered ERV Electric Camper

We’ve long been fans of a proper digital detox. Few things can clear a man’s head like disappearing into nature for a weekend (or a few months). Now, in a year when social distancing seems as essential as oxygen, water, and bacon, there’s never been a better time to find a legit escape. If you’re looking to get far, far off-grid, Australia’s Retreat Caravan has the perfect RV for you.

Aussies love “caravanning” or what Americans would call “camping.” Most Statesiders think nothing of packing up the RV for a weekend in the mountains. Likewise, Australians are prone to weeks- or even months-long holidays in the outback. The problem, of course, is that getting hundreds of miles from civilization means bringing plenty of water and, just as important, an adequate and sustainable power supply. The solution, according to Retreat Caravan, is the ERV Electric Camper.

ERV Electric Camper

The 20-foot ERV promises all the comforts of most upmarket RVs, including a full bedroom, modern kitchen setup, ensuite bathroom, and even a top-loading washing machine. What truly sets it apart, however, is a massive 14.3-kWh lithium battery bank, powered by a state-of-the-art, roof-mounted, 15-panel solar array producing up to 2,033 watts. The flagship setup can deliver enough juice to power all the comforts and electronic conveniences found in most modern homes. Retreat Caravan claims its 5,000-watt inverter is powerful enough to run everything from lights and laptops to hairdryers and convection ovens simultaneously. The setup is self-contained and charges on the go with the potential to stay off-grid indefinitely. Plus, there are no open flames, gas fumes, or refillable propane tanks to worry about.

On the outside, the ERV is equipped with all the comforts most outdoor-loving owners care about, including an external shower, powered awning, fusion sound system, and a slideout Weber barbecue. It also boasts all the must-have features and capabilities of a hardcore off-grid towable. The fiberglass composite body rides on 265/16 all-terrain tires and 16-inch wheels, while 10-inch drum brakes provide plenty of stopping power. The chassis-mounted energy system is dustproof and water-resistant to around three feet for ten minutes. A crush-resistant shell also keeps the batteries safe in extreme conditions.

ERV Electric Camper

The ERV Electric Camper is available in a variety of bespoke configurations, starting around USD $67,500. Sure, you could score a relatively well-equipped Airstream for around the same price. But, few can take you away like the ERV camper.

For a more budget-friendly alternative with similar overlanding chops, check out Lotus Caravans’ aptly named 2020 Off-Grid Travel Trailer.

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