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Bowlus debuts the all-new 2025 Rivet travel trailer, and it’s a retro-modern stunner

With an unmistakable design and an insane off-grid power bank ready to take you anywhere

Bowlus Rivet travel trailer being towed by an SUV through a grassy field.

Nothing captures the spirit and feel of the Great American Road Trip like an all-aluminum travel trailer. The iconic “silver bullet” design has endured as a symbol of escape and hitting the open road for the better part of a century. Now, Bowlus — an under-the-radar luxe RV brand you may not have heard of — is upending nearly 100 years of history with yet another stunning retro-modern trailer.

Bowlus Rivet travel trailer parked in a field with the sun in the background.

Get the full details on the all-new 2025 Bowlus Rivet travel trailer

Bowlus just announced the addition of the to its line-up of unique travel trailers. The one-of-a-kind design combines elements of classic aluminum RVs, vintage airplane aesthetics, and a dash of luxury yacht for good measure. It takes all the upscale elements of the brand’s ultra-luxe travel trailers and adds rugged, go-anywhere capability, allowing owners to get far, far off the beaten path.

The design is intentionally “over-specced” with a three-inch lift kit for better off-road clearance, while all-terrain tires allow for deeper, off-pavement exploration. It’s also the world’s first production RV to be self-powered, self-propelled, and remote-controlled. The Rivet’s bleeding-edge AeroMove system (optional) is built to tackle steep hills, turn 360 degrees, and automagically maneuver the trailer into driveways, campsites, and parallel parking spaces. The tech-forward design also features a massive power system, including a whopping 8kWh of power, a 3,000-watt inverter, and up to 660W of solar absorption. Together, it’s enough to keep most overlanders, even WFH digital nomads, running off-grid indefinitely. That includes every appliance, even the heating and air-conditioning systems.

Sleek interior of the Bowlus Rivet travel trailer.

Inside, the Rivet travel trailer is swankier than most upscale studio apartments. It’s sleek and modern, with Euro-inspired touches and high-end finishes. The entryway of the 25’3” rig opens into a surprisingly spacious living area with a dinette seated directly across the fully equipped galley kitchen. Stepping in further reveals a full bathroom setup with a wet bath across from the toilet and sink. At the far end is a large, dedicated sleeping area that tapers to the rear of the trailer.

Dinette of the Bowlus Rivet travel trailer.

Bowlus creates some of the world’s most aerodynamic RVs, and the Rivet travel trailer is no exception. It also boasts a featherweight GVWR of just 3,500 pounds. These two factors combined make it one of the lightest and easiest-to-tow travel trailers in its class. Almost any medium- to full-sized pickup or SUV, and even many EVs (like the Tesla Model Y), can handle it with ease. Plus, the company’s EasyHitch system makes unhitching and hitching up a breeze.

Bed and sleeping quarters of the Bowlus Rivet travel trailer.

Build your own 2025 Bowlus Rivet travel trailer

Keen to buy your own 2025 Bowlus Rivet? The good news is that all of the above details have been confirmed. The bad news is you’ll have to wait a while to get your hands on one, and this level of rugged luxury doesn’t come cheap. Official pricing starts at $165,000 (closer to $148,500 after tax credits). But, interested buyers can secure their spot on the waitlist with a $100 refundable deposit. With arguably the most eye-popping aesthetic and specs of any travel trailer on the market, we think it’ll be worth the wait. Because there’s nothing quite like it on the road today.

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