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Best Prime Day Bike Deals for 2022: The Deals You Can Still Shop

All the Latest Amazon Prime Day Bike Deals and Sales

Prime Day 2021 Bike Deals

If you’ve been on the lookout for a new bike, it’s high time to head on to Amazon and grab some awesome last-minute Prime Day bike deals. The event itself might be over, but some solid deals still remain. After a last year’s pandemic- delayed October event, this summer’s remaining Prime Day bike sales may include the best bargains you’ll find on cycling gear. Prime Day deals have grown each year since its 2015 debut. But don’t limit yourself to just Amazon! The Walmart Deals for Days sale is still in full swing.

Sales prices are at their best and demand for outdoor sports and exercise equipment traditionally peaks in late spring and summer. As today is the final day of Amazon’s Prime Day, you may want to use the remaining time to score some hot Prime Day bike deals, including outdoor sports and fitness gear. If you want to consider other types of outdoor bargains in addition to or instead of bikes, check out the buys we found for best Prime Day kayak deals, best Prime Day tent deals, best Prime Day fishing deals, and best Prime Day camping deals.

Best Prime Day Bike Deals Still Available

Cycling at night can be dangerous, but Victagen’s bike light will keep you safe thanks to its ultra-bright dual XML-T6 and five lighting modes. It serves as an emergency camping flashlight too. more

Daway Bike Seat

$46 $60
With its high-density foam padding and ventilated construction, this bike seat from Daway offers the comfort you need for an all-day cruise to your favorite bike trails. more
Whether its for a leisurely ride in the suburbs or a commute to the big city, this Ancheer electric bike is adaptable to any purpose with its three modes that can adjust to your preferred speed. more
Enjoy one of the best bike rides of your life with this Electric Mountain Bike! Ride at top speeds of 20 miles-per-hour, whether you're in the city streets or up on the mountains. more
Made with a twist shifter system to switch between seven speeds for uphill rides, this bike is great for everyday adventures—be it on the road or a mountain pass. more
The Nishiki men's Pueblo 26-inch mountain bike has a heat-treated steel frame and 60mm fork travel, allowing it to handle the hills and trails with a Shimano drivetrain and aluminum wheels. more
The lightweight step-through folding frame with 20-inch wheels folds for easy storage. 7-speed shifter, front and rear pull brakes, and detachable nylon bag for rear carrier. Perfect for the commute. more
Pedal to your heart’s content while getting where you need to go in no time with the Kent 700C 8-Speed 36V Step Through Electric Bicycle. It's perfect for ages 14 and up. more
Extra-large 29-inch tires for added grip and stability. The Mongoose features an aluminum mountain-style frame with 21-speed adjustments. The front and rear disc brakes provide extra stopping power more
The right bike for intermediate and advanced riders, this GT bike has an aircraft-quality aluminum triple triangle frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and 27 speeds. more
Rated for people from 4-foot, 6-inches tall to 5-foot, 5-inches tall, this bike's aluminum frame, front suspension fork, and seven-speed twist shifter make it good choice for children. more
With its aluminum frame and 24-inch tires, the Schwinn Signature Boys' Thrasher mountain bike is ready for any kind of adventure. more
You can depend on the Anasazi's stable 700C wheels whether you are biking in the street or in rough terrain— indeed, a versatile bicycle for any adventurous individual. more
Navigate rocky terrain quickly with this GT bicycle. It offers optimal durability and handling so you can ride without worrying about toppling over. more
Niishiki's 26-inch Tamarack Comfort Bike's steel frame gives the bike its strength and the gel saddle and 60mm front fork smooth your ride. more
Take the 29-inch GT Avalanche mountain bike on different trails with its aluminum frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and 27-speeds. more
This is a moderate-performance mountain bike with an aluminum frame for strength and reduced weight and a Schwinn suspension for control. All-terrain tires mean you never have to turn around. more
Equip yourself for your next bike ride with the best brands of mountain bike gear like Dakine, Devinci, Pearl Izumi and more in this sale! more
The Schwinn GTX 3 rides on 700C tires and comes in an aluminum frame, Suntour fork, and Shimano drive. more

Should You Buy a New Bike with a Last-Minute Prime Day Deal?

Because Prime Day 2020 was in October, any projections for 2022’s summer Prime Day bike sales that didn’t take into account the seasonal differences may have underestimated the range and depth of even the remaining Prime Day bike deals. Bicycling is year-round in many parts of the country, but Prime Day 2020 sellers in mid-October heading into the fall and winter cold, snow, and ice put a damper on the sales expectation. Last year’s 15% to 20% deals on many bicycles were limited compared to many of this year’s Prime Day bike deals. Many of today’s Prime Day bike sales are discounted significantly more than last year for several reasons in addition to the seasonally greater interest in biking in the spring and summer than the fall and winter.

When the pandemic hit last year, fitness centers and gyms across the country closed. The closures led avid exercisers and sports buffs to focus on home exercise equipment and outdoor fitness gear. So the demand for bikes skyrocketed in 2020. There was relatively little pressure on manufacturers or retailers to drop deep discounts — or any discounts at all — on most bicycles because the demand was so high.

This year we still see more models marked sold out earlier than normal in the biking season. However, as factories around the world began to re-open, manufacturers did what they could to ramp up bike production and retailers competed to fill and build up bicycle inventories.

Realize going into your hunt for Prime Day bike deals that popular bike models do sell out, especially in specialized categories. If you’re just starting out or only have a casual interest in biking, you have a choice of plenty of excellent Prime Day bike deals. If you’re looking for an extra edge in trail or mountain biking and will commit significant funds to the purchase, this summer’s Prime Day bike sales are your best chance so far this year — and will likely be the best opportunity of the year — to save considerable cash on a new bike. We stress research to narrow down your selection for bicycles, but with biking the trade-off is the chance of your top choices may not be available.

If your purchase isn’t all that urgent and you want to wait for the best price of the year, we don’t suggest waiting for Black Friday. As the last two years have shown, Black Friday deals haven’t been much different from Prime Day deals on most products. Last year the very best bike sales were from the late spring to mid-summer. Based on all of those factors, if you see an excellent Prime Day bike deal today, go for it. It’s the last day of Prime Day, and to be frank, your chances of scoring a discounted bike this year are slim.

How to Choose a Bike with a Last-Second Prime Day Deal

As always, advanced planning and research into the best bicycle types, brands, and even models that meet your needs and fall within your budget range are the best way to strategize for the wide-ranging selection of remaining Prime Day bike deals. Now that Amazon’s annual sales blowout has concluded, and yet still has some standout deals on offer, we see that just about all manufacturers and brands for all types of bicycles are represented. From mountain bikes to beach cruisers, touring bikes, commuter bikes, gravel bikes, fat tire bikes, and beyond, there are deals for all types. But to repeat, you won’t find every model bicycle for any manufacturer or bicycle brand.

If you lined up a list of bike models that could meet your needs and identified target prices you’d be willing to pay for each, you won’t get swayed by other Prime Day bike deals. Our experience in past Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other major sales events is that having a plan and sticking to it leads to the greatest satisfaction with your purchases. That’s the strategy we’re sticking to for our personal shopping list for this year’s remaining Prime Day sales as well.

You may find it advantageous to seek deals on last year’s models. If you’re a semi-pro status biker looking for every edge, yeah, you’ll likely want the very latest bike tech to maintain your competitive status. If you are a novice to an intermediate biker, last year’s hot tech could give you a significant equipment upgrade without devastating your budget.

But how about emotion and excitement? Despite our suggestion for planning and buying strategy, it doesn’t work for everyone. We know that people are different and not everyone likes to strategize ahead of time. For many people, over-thinking or drilling down to features and priorities is a buzzkill. Whether buying a new mountain bike, a new car or truck, or even a new house, many people rely on emotional decision-making for major purchases. And for some, that works. If you’re not spending funds or credit already allocated for other purposes, it’s OK for some people to take a chance on a hot-looking deal on an unfamiliar brand or model.

Two instances in which buying on impulse or dropping a previously articulated plan for a compelling-looking Prime Day bike deal are when you’re looking for a beginner’s bike or you just want a bike to noodle around on in your neighborhood on an occasional basis. While it’s always a good idea to buy the best product you can afford for its intended use, if you’re looking for a Prime Day bike sale for casual riding when you’re on vacation and you may decide to just give the bike away when the summer is over, careful considerations and weighty decision-making aren’t required.

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