Beard Oil Helps You Get Your Best Beard

best beard oils 2016

The sweltering days of summer will soon be behind us and so sporting a beard suddenly seems more bearable. But with the heat so goes the moisture and that means a chance of a parched face and facial hair (going sans shaving certainly helps the situation). One sure-fire way to keep both well hydrated is by adding beard oil your regular routine. Here are five of the best beard oils that will do well in your dopp.

Acqua di Parma Collezione Barbiere Beard Serum


Detangle your mess of a beard and make it glossy without the grease factor with this sweet Almond and Grape Seed Oils infused serum inspired by Italian barbers.

$57 for 1 fl. oz.,

D.R. Harris Beard Oil


Meant to prevent the itchiness that comes along with new growth and softening old growth, this oil is scented with an invigorating blend of citrus, vetiver, and black pepper.


Prospector Co. Miss Annie Jones Shaving Oil


Though named after a famed bearded lady who was part of PT Barnum’s collection of circus freaks, this Grape Seed and kukui nut-blend is designed to aid in relieving you of facial hair. So it’s a shave oil and not beard oil? Or both?


Beardbrand Black Marble Limited Edition Beard Oil


While perfectly suited for those with beards, this oil is a secret weapon for those who happen to be wildly reckless with a razor as it contains nick healing tamanu oil. The complex fragrance of citrus, cedarwood and ginger isn’t half bad either.


Brothers Artisan Oil Shave Oil


A veritable cavalcade of naturally nourishing oils: grapeseed, wheat germ, cranberry, rosemary leaf, and the list goes on. Needless to say your face will be well tended to.