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Celebrity bourbon: Yellowstone star now has his own brand

Another celeb, another bourbon (or tequila)

LAzy K Bar Whiskey
LAzy K Bar Whiskey

If you’re an avid television viewer, or you simply like thrillers about ranchers, corruption, devious developers, and influence, you’ve probably been glued to your TV when you’re streaming Yellowstone. While Kevin Costner is the biggest star of the show, Cole Hauser is a close second. Paying homage to Big Sky Country, Hauser recently launched his own bourbon.

The actor partnered with the renowned Lazy K Bar Ranch located alongside the Crazy Mountains as well as a well-known Livingston-based beverage insider. This trio launched a complex, memorable eight-year-old Kentucky bourbon whiskey in Montana.

It seems like every week, another celebrity is launching a new spirit. But while there are a few duds out there, there seem to be more and more actors, musicians, and athletes who refuse to attach their name to a lesser product. Dos Hombres Mezcal from Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, Teremana Tequila from Dwayne Johnson, and Longbranch Bourbon from Wild Turkey and Matthew McConaughey are a few of the more well-known and well-received brands.

LAzy K Bar Whiskey
LAzy K Bar Whiskey

Made in Kentucky and bottled in Montana

While the whiskey is distilled and matured in the Blue Grass State, it’s bottled in Bozeman, Montana. It’s called Lazy K Bar Whiskey, and it gets its name from one of the state’s oldest operating cattle ranches, with its genesis in 1887 (opening to guests in 1922).

This Kentucky straight bourbon has a mash bill of 74% corn, 18% rye, and 8% malted barley. It’s matured for at least eight years in charred oak barrels with a #4 alligator char barrels. It’s a potent 92-proof and is known for its nose of sticky toffee, clover honey, dried fruits, cinnamon sugar, orchard fruits, and peppery rye. Drinking it is a symphony of oaky wood, caramel, vanilla beans, dried fruits, candy apples, wintry spices, and a warming rye spice finish.

“We wanted to bring something to market that we’re proud of and that people can enjoy with their friends and family for 100 years to come,” Hauser said in a press release. “Montana is an extraordinary place with a lot of character, and our goal is to make sure that is reflected in Lazy K Bar Bourbon.”

This whiskey was created to reflect the way of life in Montana through the lens of a complex, flavorful bourbon whiskey while paying tribute to one of the most well-known ranches in a state filled with ranches.

LAzy K Bar Whiskey
LAzy K Bar Whiskey

Where can you buy it?

If you’re a Yellowstone fan or simply a fan of bourbon whiskey, you read a lot of good news about this new, celebrity-driven release. Now, it’s time for the bad news. As of right now, this bourbon doesn’t have a nationwide release scheduled. While it’s priced at $100, which isn’t a ridiculous sum for bourbon drinkers, it’s currently only available in Montana. Add to that, it’s not available online. So, unless you can get to Montana to buy a bottle, you’re out of luck. For now, at least.

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