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If you want the world’s best steak, you’ll have to go to Buenos Aires

The top places to grab a steak on earth

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The best steak in the world is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At least that’s what one of the top authorities on the subject says. The gold medal went to Parilla don Julio, a classic spot for meat, wine, and exceptional service.

The 2024 list from World’s Best includes steakhouses from all over the globe. The top ten involved many countries, with just one American establishment — New York’s COTE — making the grade. Other restaurants of note include Bodega el Capricho in Spain (number 2), Margaret in Australia (number 3), and Carcasse in Belgium (number 5). The number four spot went to COTE.

What makes Parilla don Julio the world’s best steakhouse

So what makes Parilla don Julio the one to beat? For one, the embedded steak culture in Argentina, a nation with serious protein-over-open-flames prowess. The restaurant itself holds a Michelin Star and is run by a man with steak in his blood. Chef and owner Pablo Rivera comes from a meat-centric family, as his parents were cattle breeders and his grandmother a butcher.

While the dining is undoubtedly great, the restaurant is also revered for its approach. Parilla don Julio uses various aging methods on its steaks and pushes real sustainability in the way it sources its meat. They push regenerative ranching and carefully look after what goes into the cows they call on, paying close attention to carbon footprint (something traditional grazing very much impacts in a negative way).

Diners can look forward to perfectly cooked steaks made atop the restaurant’s iconic v-shaped grill, fueled by quebracho charcoal. They can enjoy them with a great wine list packed full of some of the country’s best offerings, which happen to accompany steak beautifully.

More great American steakhouses made the list further down. The top 101 includes Chicago’s Asador Bastian, San Francisco’s Niku Steakhouse, NYC’s Beefbar, and Austin’s Jeffrey’s. All told, 23 American restaurants made the esteemed list. As one might expect, towns like Chicago and New York feature prominently. Some less-expected destinations made the cut, too, like Dubai, Detroit, and the suburb of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand.

The COTE inclusion will bring added press to an NYC restaurant that’s taken off as of late. The place is unique, America’s first and only Michelin-starred Korean steakhouse. That translates to a pretty interactive dining experience (per Korean custom), built around USDA prime beef and a wine list of some 1,200 options, not to mention a stellar cocktail program. The restaurant is not only the talk of the Flatiron District but now, the talk of anybody on earth who likes a good steak and high critical praise.

If you want the best steakhouse experience according to those in the know, you’ll have to go to South America. But if you just want to make some great steak at home, check out our features on the best steak cuts for grilling and how to reverse sear for that chef-caliber dinner. Happy grilling!

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