Could Vaustil Primero Be the Smartest Grill in the World?

Juan de Rosenzweig, co-founder of Vaustil Primero, grew up in a culture where grilling was seen as an art form. As a child, his father built Argentinian grills for his friends. After eventually leaving home for Europe, Rosenzweig partnered with some new Austrian friends to follow in his father’s path.

The Primero — possibly the smartest grill ever made — launched on Kickstarter in April 2018. It was fully funded in 20 hours and, with less than two weeks left in its campaign, has raised more than $65,000, which led us at The Manual to ask: WTF is so cool about this grill?

We personally asked Rosenzweig what makes for “the world’s smartest grill.” He says, “Primero has mainly five factors that differentiate itself from competitors:

  • One: We have integrated seven sensors (other competitors have one at max) that give live information about the heat distribution in the grill and lend continuous recommendations on the height and placement of your food depending on what you are grilling.
  • Two: An integrated mechanism to start the coal, which allows you to have the perfect glow in 20 minutes with minimum effort.
  • Three: You regulate height without the need of levels as most grills, adjustable through the turn of a simple lever.
  • Four: V-profiles prevent all the fats and liquids from dropping into the coa and make grilling healthier as less carcinogenic substances are produced when the fats are not burned.
  • And five: A double wall construction that prevents burns to the touch and makes it perfect for a family environment.”

On its Kickstarter, the Primero Early Bird Special has the grill going for roughly $1,047. Not too shabby considering you can lug the Primero up a snowy tundra (as Juan does in the video) and most luxury modern grills run anywhere between $3,000-$8,000. No, your counter George Foreman doesn’t count as a real grill. Pff.

Primero also promises to do away with the many problems of normal grills, including no heat regulation, no temperature info, and complications in starting the charcoal. Why use charcoal? Rosenzweig laughs and says, “Is there something else that gives the same taste?”

Amen, brother.

Much like the best food recipes passed down through history, we dig that the basic design for the Primero was first developed by Rosenzweig’s pops (plus three more years of scrupulous development and a sleek yet gritty look by Christopher Hermann, who works with a renowned industrial design company in London). Rosenzweig also credits the unique blend of Austrian quality with Mexican passion for the perfect storm leading to the Vaustil grill.

Did we mention this grill has an accompaning app? Yeah, this puppy is smart.

But onto the most important question: Is this grill right for you?

“This grill is perfect for food lovers, tech fans, tech haters (we also have the non-smart version), parents, grill enthusiasts, design specialists, grill masters, and beginners,” Rosenzweig says. “But, overall, el Primero is for everyone for which the best grilling experience is with friends and family.”

Before jetting off, Rosenzweig granted us a gift from the grilling gods: his favorite recipe. (You’re welcome.)

“Take a complete filet steak (500-700g) piece and rub thick salt and pepper to it,” he says. “Grill at the highest temperature, lowest level (easy to achieve with your Vaustil) until all sides are sealed. Rub with salt pepper and honey and wrap it in bacon. Regulate the height of your Vaustil again to reach a constant lower temperature of around 160 degrees Celsius (320 degrees Fahrenheit) and turn until you reach the desired point.”

Ready, set, grill.

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