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Stella Artois’ Robot Bartender is Here to Save Your Holiday Party

We love hosting parties, especially during the holiday season. And while it brings us great pleasure to serve guests food and drinks and watch them revel in the merriment, sometimes being a great host means you don’t get to join in on the fun as much as you’d like. Between serving people drinks, making sure the snacks get refilled, stopping your best friend from hitting on your other friend’s wife, and gathering empty bottles and cans for the recycling bin, your bash can come and go in a flash without you getting a second to socialize or enjoy the festivities. But Stella Artois has stepped in to change the game, just in time for the holiday party season.

Meet Stella Artois B.A.R.T. (Bartending Automated Robotic Technology)

The Belgian beer brand just released their state-of-the-art Stella Artois B.A.R.T., which stands for Bartending Automated Robot Technology. Simply install this nifty contraption on your robot vacuum, and you can finally relax and enjoy your soiree. The B.A.R.T bar is designed with eight slots to hold beer bottles and glasses, and there is even a spot in the middle to place a bowl of tasty drinking snacks. As the B.A.R.T rolls around on your robot vacuum cleaner, it serves guests and cleans up in the process, so you’ll have less to do when the last person leaves. The whole thing is designed to be sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly spills either. 

While it doesn’t ask overly-intoxicated guests to leave when they start getting in fights with standing lamps, it does help with the cleanup to an extent. You’ll still have to take the empties off of B.A.R.T., but at least you don’t have to be the one wandering around your apartment dishing out fresh brewskies or cleaning up the empties from the previous round.

While the Stella Artois B.A.R.T. is currently sold out on their website, you can download the 3D print file for free (and if you’re planning on printing one, how about throwing us a bone and printing us one, too?). To see this party contraption in action, check out this video and dream about never missing your own celebration again.

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