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PicoBrew MultiBrew Gives You the Power to Brew (Practically) Anything

A single machine can now brew all your favorite brewed beverages right on the countertop.

PicoBrew, the company that brought us the Keurig of beer, has released MultiBrew, the “world’s first countertop brew computer,” putting brewing software and hardware together to brew a perfect cup of coffee. Not only does this brew computer make coffee, it’s also is capable of brewing tea, kombucha, beer and other specialty beverages like horchata. PicoBrew had already released a coffee maker as well as a still.

The previous iterations also had versatile configurations, but what sets the MultiBrew apart is the computing power for perfection.

“PicoBrew began with a focus on craft brewing technology, but we’re Seattle software, hardware, and coffee geeks, so it’s only natural that we’re combining all of our passions into brewing the best coffee possible,” PicoBrew CEO Bill Mitchell, said. “Great coffee can be a religious experience with the right beans and the right extraction.

“We have a lot of great coffee roasters in Washington, but none of the coffee brewing equipment has met our or consumers’ demand for brewing a quality cup, so we did what was natural for us: We invented our own system.”

PicoBrew’s latest machine gives coffee lovers precision control over the brewing process, whether it’s a full carafe or a single cup of coffee. The computer has customizable programs for different types of coffees and roasts and creates a catalog of beverage recipes and a process run via Wi-Fi.

Like the partnership program PicoBrew developed with its brewery partners, the company will partner with coffee roasters to provide beans. Owners are also able to use their own ingredients and develop their own recipes.

“We have a lot of great coffee roasters in Washington, but none of the coffee brewing equipment has met our or consumers’ demand for brewing a quality cup, so we did what was natural for us: We invented our own system.”

The MultiBrew will be available for pre-order this fall, but the company is currently accepting submissions from customers to find out what the public might want to brew. Those suggestions can be submitted at the company’s website.

“We take constant customer feedback and guidance to heart.  We’re looking to revolutionize the home brewing experience and a large part of our decision to halt our Pico U Kickstarter campaign stemmed from the fact that we received feedback from PicoBrew fans that made us realize we might need to look at a different approach in order to earn a spot on the kitchen counter,” Mitchell said. “Pico MultiBrew takes a coffee-first approach in its design and functionality. While you can still use it to produce exceptional craft beer and endless other specialty beverages, we heard our customers loud and clear when they asked for an incredible coffee brewer that they could use every day.”

The company expects the slim design and pricing similar to other coffee makers, along with the precision control, will make the device a winner in the market.

The device will come in stainless steel and black, with a full-color screen and three configurations ranging from single-cup to a 5-liter keg of beer.

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