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Michelin Star-Based Travel for Adventurous Foodies

Michelin Guide Destinations Far and Near

One of the best ways to travel is to let your stomach take the lead. Culinary tourism is the stuff of the gods, and thanks to countless cultures and cuisine styles, one can go in any number of directions. One route we really like is by way of the Michelin ratings, which reward the best restaurants all over the globe.

Dining like a local is a joyous and enlightening part of getting out and about, and the late Anthony Bourdain and many others have taught us as much. It’s a chance to treat all of your senses to something new, or perhaps a dish you’ve missed dearly. When you visit a Michelin Star-awarded restaurant, you’re more than likely going to enjoy some stuff you simply can’t whip up at home. It’s best to just book a table, get comfortable, and enjoy the culinary ride.

Inside Eleven Madison Park's 3-Star Michelin New York City kitchen in 2013
City Foodsters

Now that we’re into summer and we’ve got the hankering to travel, keep these foodie-friendly destinations in mind. From the northern reaches of Italy to the bustling streets of Miami, these are some of the best places to visit if you’re traveling by way of Michelin stars.

Remember to check in with your destinations beforehand to stay up to speed on all COVID-related protocols and health procedures. It can still differ dramatically from country to country, state to state, and business to business.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Hotel Fasano dining room in Brazil

Brazil’s giant metropolis of more than 12 million people is home to some serious food culture. Visitors can book private tours of the city’s legendary markets or dine out at highly rated restaurants like the neoclassical D.O.M. You’ll never want to leave this magical nation, especially if you’re staying at a five-star hotel like Fasano.

Rimini, Italy

A scene from Rimini, Italy

Of course, Italy is on the list. In fact, we could probably put three or four more Italian cities in this piece. Why Rimini? It’s on the Adriatic coast, nestled in the food- and wine-friendly region of Emilia-Romagna, and has some serious street food, ideal for al fresco dining. Sure, check out the many cafes and trattorias that line the walkways, but be sure to get to Abocar Due Cucine for an elegant meal deeply inspired by the region itself.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The dining room at Marina Social in Dubai

Dubai has been a compelling destination for several years now, and presently it has the foodie chops to back it all up. For tremendous views of the busy marina and incredible bites, including an impressive vegan menu, check out Marina Social. Amazing Indian cuisine is the theme at Indego by Vineet, which also touts one of the most dazzling decors in restaurant land. It’s probably going to be hot, so take in some water parks by day and save your energy for the vibrant nightlife.

Los Angeles, California

A city view of Los Angeles California

The Michelin Guide lists nearly 100 restaurants in the City of Angels, so you may want to extend your stay. For a truly contemporary experience, head over to Phenakite in Hollywood. Animal has become an L.A. standby, with an amazing wine list to back up the cuisine. Get lost in Koreatown and be sure to take in the moles and other house-made goodness at Guelaguetza.

Hong Kong

The Langham in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a galaxy of gastronomical goodness, with discoveries around every corner. Your to-do list will likely be too long, but make sure the dim sum at TimHoWan is on there, along with T’ang Court at the beautiful Langham Hotel. The Cantonese here is so good it earned a coveted three-star Michelin rating.

Lyon, France

A view of Lyon, France

Ah, France, the birthplace of so many culinary traditions. Lyon is responsible for many staple dishes, just ask Coq au Vin. We suggest getting a table at Mère Brazier, where locals and visitors alike convene for authentic and award-winning Lyonnaise grub. Be sure to wander freely through town and check out the city’s many famous confectionaries.

Madrid, Spain

A scene from Madrid

Some of the most avant-garde food is coming out of Madrid. That’s certainly the case at DiverXO, a restaurant not like anything else out there. It’s innovative, artistic, and all kinds of memorable, with a thoughtful wine pairing menu to boot. While you’re in the Spanish capital, take in the stellar Mexican-inspired menu at Iztac or go intimate and local-minded with Fismuler.

Miami, Florida

Tables, chairs, and building of Miami Oasis

Miami continues to draw a wealth of culinary talent, with 10 area restaurants earning at least one Michelin star in 2022. We’re particularly fond of Korean steakhouse Cote, as well as Hiden, the omakase eatery in the energetic Wynwood neighborhood. Also, take in the deserved hype from the sharp culinary minds at Stubborn Seed.

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