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Hungover? Try a Simple Detox for the New Year

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We bet most of you reading this article are hungover from a full night of New Year’s Eve (and New Year’s Day) action. Here are a few simple suggestions to help you detox and hit that refresh button in 2018.

Take a Break from the Digital World

digital detox
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Are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tinder taking up too much of your time? Lots of people are talking about going on a digital detox, but few actually go through with it. According to psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas, “You can be so preoccupied with your digital devices that it’s all too easy to inadvertently sacrifice time, relationships, sleep, focus, productivity, and balance in your life. Many people are not even aware of the toll their extensive usage of digital devices costs them until they have suffered a loss or upset because of this.” Even a brief digital detox — even just a week-long break from social media — can restore some of this imbalance.

Look in the Mirror

skincare for men
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If you’re not feeling so well, chances are that your skin isn’t doing any better. Why not try

Belif’s First Aid Anti-Hangover Soothing Mask

. It calms stressed out, irritated skin with soothing herbs. We also suggest adding some new steps to your daily grooming regime. A regular cleanser, moisturizer, or cream can do wonders for your skin in the new year.

Catch Up on Your Sleep

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Are you a little sleep-deprived after partying all night? Your zzz’s are one of the most important factors to a refreshed version of you. New sheets or noise-canceling earbuds can help. You can also treat yourself to a relaxing spa treatment.

Eat Healthy Like a Foodie

food lovers cleanse book recipe
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Pick a copy of

Bon Appetit: The Food Lover�s Cleanse

 and discover just satisfying and tasty eating healthy can be when you try delicious dishes that are filled with nutrients. It’s not all quinoa and bean sprouts — you’ll find some heart, meaty, and filling recipes in this book.

Give Up Drinking for a Month

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A lot of people use the excess of December as an excuse to go through January without visiting a bar. Try it. We bet your head will be clear, and you’ll have a lot more energy. If that’s too much to ask, at least sip on these healthy cocktails.

Ann Binlot
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Ann Binlot is a New York-based freelance writer who contributes to publications like The Economist, Wallpaper*, Monocle…
The 9 Best Collagen Snacks to Try
best collagen snacks

If you don't know about collagen, it is the most abundant protein in the body, created naturally in the bones, muscles, and skin. Collagen has a roundhouse kick of benefits, from promoting healthy skin, hair, nails, bones, and even joint health to keeping you running and benching. Since the body makes its own collagen, we can eat more whole foods that promote collagen production (like garlic, tomatoes, egg whites, and berries), but factors such as age, UV exposure, and smoking assist in the natural decline of that production.

Adding collagen to your diet can be as easy as snacking on marshmallows, thanks to collagen-infused snacks. From coffee creamer and protein bars to oatmeal cups and pre-made meals, men can enjoy the benefits of collagen without taking a supplement or mixing collagen powder into water. Collagen can be added to tons of snacks that make for tasty ways to increase collagen intake. With that in mind, here are the best collagen snacks you can buy right now, or you can read more about the collagen alternative, colostrum.
Picnik Unsweetened Collagen Creamer

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What is Hemp Protein and Should You Try It?
hemp protein powder smoothie.

Whether you mix them with plain water or your favorite milk or milk substitute or blend them together in a nutritious protein shake or smoothie with fruits, vegetables, nut butter, and other superfoods, protein powders offer a versatile way to quick, on-the-go nutrition, particularly if you do not have time to eat or prepare food. Protein powders also offer a convenient way to refuel your muscles and body after a workout when the thought of drinking the nutrients you need for recovery is more palatable than eating solid food.
There are quite a few types of protein powders available, ranging from whey, egg, and casein proteins, to vegan options like pea, soy, or rice protein. Each protein source offers a different amino acid profile, so oftentimes, protein powders incorporate several sources of protein to provide an ample concentration of all nine essential amino acids.
Although it wasn’t that many years ago that hemp protein powder could only be found in niche vegan markets, it is now a widely available and popular plant-based protein supplement. Unlike many plant-based protein sources, hemp protein contains all nine essential amino acids and is, therefore, a complete source of protein and a great option for vegans or those with poor tolerance to whey. If you are looking for ways to conveniently boost your protein intake and fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to rebuild and repair after workouts or to conquer your everyday life with vitality, keep reading to learn about the health benefits of hemp protein and how to incorporate hemp protein into your diet.

What Is Hemp Protein?
Hemp protein powder is made by grinding the seeds of the hemp plant. It does not contain any marijuana, THC, or psychoactive compounds. It has an earthy taste with nutty undertones. Depending on the powdered formulation, the hemp seed powder may be defatted to isolate the protein in a concentrated form, or kept in a more whole form with the essential fatty acids intact. Since the latter is more common, most hemp protein powders have a higher fat content than other common protein powders, though the fats in hemp are heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory fatty acids.
Hemp protein powder contains all 20 amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids—the ones that must be consumed because the body cannot produce them endogenously. It also contains significantly more fiber than most protein powders, along with vitamins and minerals.

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The Best New Year’s Eve Cocktails To Celebrate 2022 in Style

This week, we bid adieu to 2020. The first year of a fresh decade has proven to be, well, challenging. But you know what? We got to the finish line, even if at times we had to crawl on our hands and knees. And that calls for some celebratory drinks.

If still wine is your thing this New Year's Eve, great. Hats off to those drinking satisfying holiday beers. But we happen to think that saying goodbye to this year of years deserves more than just the stereotypical splash of bubbles. We think it calls for some class-act cocktails, mixed up right at home because, right now, you're favorite bartender can't (unless they're making to-go batches).

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