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Preheating an Air Fryer – And Why Your Food Will Taste Better Because of It

Get the Most Out of Your Air Fryer With These Preheating Tips

It’s the latest food fad that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, the healthy cook’s dream, the now hallowed and exalted air fryer. The hype around this countertop wonder doesn’t seem to be dying down, either, with new recipes and rave reviews popping up everywhere in recent years. Boasting the ability to prepare healthier versions of countless foods, from “fried” chicken to potato chips, by using little to no oil, it’s no wonder the air fryer has such adoring fans.

The science behind the air fryer’s magic is really quite simple. It works similarly to a convection oven by circulating air around the food at very high temperatures, causing the food to crisp and brown without the need for added fats. Deep-fried flavor without the deep-fried calories? Not a bad deal. But as this handy gadget is still a relative newbie to the kitchen counter, there are still things to learn about this little appliance and how to best operate it.

Are You Supposed to Preheat an Air Fryer?

Home-made fish and potato chips with air fryer

To put it simply, yes. Most foods, particularly those cooked in an air fryer, will benefit from a sudden blast of high heat. This interaction creates browning and crisping, whereas a slow, more gradual heating (like what happens if you don’t bother preheating and just stick your food into a cold air fryer) won’t have quite the same effect.

In addition to flavor and texture, preheating your air fryer will also prevent uneven cooking in your dish. You’re more likely to have cold spots or areas that are overdone if the air fryer isn’t given a chance to preheat. This is especially true when reheating leftovers, which is also something that can be done in your air fryer. Depending on your dish, you’ll find you get a much fresher, crispier result than you would in a microwave.

So while it isn’t technically a requirement — some models don’t even have a preheat setting — it’s still a crucial step as far as flavor is concerned.

How Do I Know When My Air Fryer Is Preheated?

Putting fried chicken into the tray of an air fryer

Of course, all brands and models will vary in their features. Many air fryers now have preheating options and alerts. If, however, your model doesn’t have this feature, the basic preheating guideline is to use the “air fry” setting, adjust your machine to the temperature your recipe calls for, and simply manually preheat for three to five minutes.

A few tips for successful air fryer preheating: Firstly, always be sure that your fry basket is inside the unit when preheating. This is the part of the machine that will actually be in contact with your food, so it must therefore be preheated as well.

Second, if you’re using parchment paper to line your fry basket, it should not be inside the unit while preheating. Because of the convection fan inside, the parchment may blow into the heating coils and burn. Parchment must be weighed down underneath the food you’re cooking. Silicone liners are widely available and should be heavy enough to avoid this issue. Of course, always consult the packaging of your specific product to avoid any safety issues.

Now that we understand a few more of the rules of this trendy appliance, we can enjoy its popularity with perhaps a bit more ease. So don’t be afraid to jump on the air fryer bandwagon and get into the hype. With all of the calorie cutting, time saving, and delicious goodness to be derived from this little machine, this is one food trend it’s okay to enjoy.

Air Fryer Fried Chicken Recipe

Air fryer chicken
The Kitchen Magpie

This chicken recipe from The Kitchen Magpie has over 500 nearly perfect, rave reviews, so we just had to try it. It certainly didn’t disappoint. Given how incredibly juicy and flavorful this recipe is, you’d never believe that this chicken hadn’t taken a sizzling bath in a deliciously greasy jacuzzi. No extra calories, and no one missed ’em!


  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 4 small chicken thighs, skin on
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons Old Bay Seasoning
  • 1 teaspoon seasoning salt


  1. Preheat the air fryer to 390 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Whisk together flour, salt, and Old Bay
  3. Dredge chicken through the flour mixture, then through egg, and then again through the flour mixture
  4. Shake off excess flour
  5. Place four thighs into the bottom of the air fryer and cook for 25 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 180  degrees Fahrenheit
  6. Enjoy!

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