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DoorDash Delivers Extra This October

Takeout has never been more popular and restaurants and their related tech continue to evolve into what can only be described as a pretty fluid scenario. But there are constants: Firstly, you need to eat. Secondly, you ought to eat well. There’s no shame in failing to nail that baked goods recipe or complicated pasta dish and you probably owe it to yourself to order-in a favorite dish or two now and again, just to keep your sanity.

Fortunately, there are food delivery services that’ll bring many of the goods right to your dwelling. Whether you’re looking for groceries or specialty meats, the world wide web is at your service. As we’ve mentioned before, when it comes to restaurants — especially the smaller ones that aren’t chains — ordering straight from the source is the best way to keep them afloat. Yet, sometimes you just need something deposited on your doorstep for sheer convenience’s sake.

arrabbiata pizza
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Enter DoorDash, the one-time startup that no works with some 34,000 stores across 4,000 cities, primarily in the U.S. Most of us are familiar and have taken advantage of the app during quarantine as we attempt to ease back into some semblance of normal. And the free food delivery app is making things all the easier this October as it continues its month-long promotion featuring special rates (as much as 50% off) with any number of its partnering restaurants and eateries. And to make the deal even sweeter, DoorDash is offering $0 (that’s right, FREE) delivery the first month for new DoorDash customers.

Be it your favorite pizza place, ramen joint, vegan restaurant, or snack-vending corner store, it’s all at your fingertips. You can eat like a king without so much as changing out of your bathrobe or favorite slippers. Shoot, dine in the bathtub if that’s your prerogative. Just remember to tip your delivery person accordingly and try to recycle as many of the containers as possible, using your own reusable utensils when you can. We can have all or most of the creature comforts without creating too much waste in the process.

The remainder of October does not have to be cloaked in gray skies and poor dining options. Well, the former may be inevitable but the latter certainly is not, thanks to the takeout app.

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