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8 Valentine’s Day Meal Kit Specials Delivered to Your Door

It’s that time of year again. The pressure is mounting trying to impress your sweetheart with an incredibly delicious Valentine’s Day dinner.

The good news is that you’ve been honing your culinary capabilities ever since that pesky pandemic struck. The bad news is that busy guys like you don’t have the time to hunt down unique recipes and shop for the ingredients. Plus, with all our current supply chain woes, it’s a crapshoot if the grocery store will even have the elements you need.

When you want your Valentine’s Day dinner to be perfect, there’s no harm in relying on the pros for a bit of help. By ordering a direct-to-consumer meal kit, you can rest assured that you’ll get everything you need for your special night. You can also count on quality ingredients and clear instructions on preparing your meal. If you like to wing it in the kitchen, you can also get fresh ingredients at great Valentine’s Day deals. Here are some online food providers that are going the extra mile to give you a memorable Valentine’s Day dinner.

True Story

True Story Foods Valentine's Day Charcuterie board.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Kick off your evening with a charcuterie board equipped with humanly raised salami, prosciutto, and Kurobuta bacon that can also make for a delicious morning-after breakfast. True Story teams up with Cowgirl Creamy to provide decadent, organically-crafted Mt. Tam cheese in a heart shape to match the heart-shaped cutting board.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh Valentine's Day meal special.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

You’re probably aware of Hello Fresh and their delicious and affordable meal kits that take a lot of the work out of cooking at home. This Valentine’s Day, it’s offering delicious, limited-time bundles for subscribers. It’s a peppercorn-crusted beef tenderloin (portobello mushroom with chive butter for vegetarians) with asparagus amandine and truffle mashed potatoes. The sweetheart special also comes with a honey-ricotta crostini appetizer and salted caramel mascarpone cheesecake.

Blue Apron

Blue Apron Valentine's Day meal.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron is another pioneer of the meal kit subscription service. Whether you have tried both or neither, rest assured they’re bringing you some delicious meal kits your way. For the special someone who loves seafood, Blue Apron has a scrumptious Valentine’s Day meal option: seared scallops and mushroom risotto with chocolate-pistachio truffles. If you want to upgrade your experience even further, they have add-on wine bundles available.


Factor foods keto Valentine's Day meal.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

For those trying to keep up their New Year’s resolutions, steering clear of carbs can be tough on Valentine’s day. But, Factor is offering a Keto Valentine’s Day dinner for two to keep you both on track. The meal includes grilled tenderloin of beef with charred scallion butter, grilled broccolini and asiago cauliflower mash, and chocolate mousse cheesecake with strawberry puree, cacao nibs, and toasted almonds. Factor also includes two tasty keto-friendly cocktail and mocktail recipes.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market food bundle.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Suppose you already have Valentine’s Day dinner in mind for someone special, but just help with fresh ingredients. In that case, Misfits Market is offering a limited-time 30% discount for first-time orders. If you’re unfamiliar with Misfits Market, they fight food waste by delivering organic “ugly” produce that doesn’t meet the superficial standards of big-chain grocers, drastically reducing food waste. They also offer some great organic manufactured food products. For your first-time Valentine’s Day discount, use code GGLVDAY at check out.


Heart shaped ribeye.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If your significant other goes wild for heart-shaped foods, then GoldBelly is here to help. From heart-shaped ravioli to ribeye, it’s got it all. You can also count on the food being sourced from its wide array of premium purveyors.

Holy Grail Steak Co

Holy grail Steak Co image of steaks.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If your sweetie’s favorite meal is a decadent filet mignon, why not spring for the best of the best? Holy Grail Steak Co works with small farmers to deliver the absolute finest cuts of steak. From grass-fed, upper-prime black Angus to the highest-rated Miyazaki A5 Wagyu, you’ll find it at Holy Grail Steak Co. For Valentine’s Day, it’s offering 20% off with code VDAYFILET at checkout. While 20% off might not seem like that big of a deal, it actually equates to significant savings on meat this pricey.

Harry & David

Harry & David Valentine's Day Bundle.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

What’s Valentine’s Day without the sweets? We’re all familiar with Harry & David’s premium pears. Still, they’ve stepped up their Valentine’s Day bundle game over the years through partnering with many excellent purveyors. You can find some good deals on select sweets bundles, some of which also include wine, cheese, and other goodies. Harry & David also offer tons of excellent dinner options if you want a one-stop shop for all your Valentine’s Day needs.

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