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Why you should stock up on this Costco fan-favorite beer

This beer will get you through the holiday season

Pub beer
10 Barrel Brewing Company

This time of year, festive, glittering cocktails are prominent at every at-home celebration, office holiday party, and post-Nutcracker soiree. The more ornate, the better, garnished with everything from crushed candy canes to coconut shavings made to look like freshly fallen snow. They slosh prettily in their frosted glassware and look beautiful paired with sparkling cocktail dresses.

And the wine that flows this time of year is equally exquisite, with many hosts opting to spend a few more dollars on better bottles, blaming their extravagance on festivity. For these libations, we are grateful. And it’s because of them we have the patience to make it through Aunt Susan’s annual ornament exchange. They are our supportive friends at the party, convincing us with loving encouragement that we’re better dancers than we are. And they certainly make it a lot easier to endure Angela in human resources, rambling on about her snow globe collection.

Pub Beer outside in snow
10 Barrel Brewing Company

Why Pub Beer is the perfect holiday beverage

But in the spirit of honesty, sometimes, all we want is a truly delicious, no-frills cold beer. One that embraces you like an old buddy and keeps an arm around your shoulder during those awkward holiday party chitchats. Our favorite beer for such an occasion is Pub Beer from 10 Barrel Brewing Company. And to make life even merrier, you can stock up on enough at Costco to get you through the holiday season.

Pub Beer is a crisp, refreshing lager with floral, pear, and cracker-like aromas. Its ripe, subtle pear notes are perfect for the holiday season and complement its spicy touch of noble hops. We love this beer for its easily drinkable freshness and approachability. Pub Beer is perfect for a gathering of many different palates and preferences. Making holiday party time even easier, Pub Bear comes in a 15.5 G keg, an 18-pack (12 ounces), a 6-pack (16 ounces), or a single tall can (25 ounces). So whether you’re hosting 100 or just a private party of one, Pub Beer has got you covered.

In addition to being delicious on its own, Pub Beer also makes for a perfectly rich and savory cooking ingredient. Cooking with beer is every bit as tasty as cooking with wine, and this is a great beer to start with. Add it to caramelized onions to deglaze the pan, and you’ll get a rich sauce to go with your onions. By cooking with beer, you’re adding a tremendously deep and earthy flavor to savory dishes. You can use Pub Beer as a base for a hearty beef stew or even in a cheese fondue for a hoppy bite. It also works wonders on ingredients when used as a marinade, as it will help tenderize meats and add a unique and unexpected flavor profile.

The reason Pub Beer works so well as a cooking agent is that the bitter hops and sweeter malt flavors work together to add an interesting depth to a wide variety of dishes. Its bitter edge can help balance sweeter ingredients like vegetables, as well as rich and creamy dishes like fondue or pastas.

So if you’re looking for the perfect beer to get you through your holiday calendar this year, stop by Costco and grab yourself a big batch of Pub Beer.

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