Take That Dominos: Breville’s New Smart Pizza Oven Cooks Pizza in Two Minutes

Remember the days when you had to wait a half hour for a pizza to arrive (or cook)? Wait, those days are still right now. Remember right now when you have to wait a half hour for a delicious pizza? Well, if pizza is life to you, then kitchen appliance innovator Breville has got a hell of a gadget to add to your kitchen: the new Smart Oven Pizzaiolo, which can heat up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit and cook a pizza – on your countertop – in two freaking minutes.

breville smart pizza oven pizzaiolo countertop brevilla 3

That’s right. An entire Neapolitan-style pizza cooked in two minutes. It takes longer to listen to a Taylor Swift song.

To create the Pizzaiolo, Breville’s innovation team (led by Design and Innovation Director Richard Hoare) spent four years in the research and development phase, making sure that every part of the countertop oven was perfect. They did this by consulting with the best pizza chefs in the world and by utilizing the Element IQ System – the patented heating system that Breville uses in its oven range.

According to the brand, the Element IQ System System works by utilizing “smart algorithms to steer power to where and when it is needed, to create and maintain the ideal baking environment. When applied to a variety of pizza styles, home cooks can now obtain signature ‘leopard spotting and char’ on the crusts while at the same time achieving evenly cooked toppings – all without having to rotate the pie.”

The second question, perhaps, is one that we thought of almost immediately: if it heats up to 750 degrees F on your countertop, wouldn’t that, you know, light your counter on fire? Answer: no, no it will not. Why? Well, we don’t have the exact answer, but we’re going to assume that after four years of development, the folks at Breville weeded out any models that turned one’s countertop into a Fourth of July bonfire.

breville smart pizza oven pizzaiolo countertop brevilla 2

Aside from the sheer ability to prepare a pizza in less time than it takes to scroll through your Facebook and Instagram notifications when you wake up every morning, the Pizzaiolo comes with a variety of features, including:

  • Seven Pre-Sets – 350° F, Frozen, Pan, New York, Thin & Crispy, Wood Fired, 750° F – plus a Darkness knob to control the degree of leopard spotting on the crust
  • Seamless Loading and Unloading – An auto-eject door that automatically pulls out the pizza stone for safer handling
  • A Removable Cordierite Pizza Stone – For no-fuss clean up
  • Superior Insulation – Including double glass pane doors to keep the heat inside
  • A Manual “Hack” Mode – For those adventurous chefs who want to go beyond the presets, the oven provides three independent, localized heating controls that can be used in concert: One for the deck temperature (which controls the bottom crust) and two separate rings – inner and outer – for heating the toppings and the edge of the crust, respectively
  • Breads and Vegetables – The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo is not only for making pizza: its record-breaking heating technology also lends itself to charring vegetables and cooking a wide range of flat breads

The Smart Oven Pizzaiolo will launch in Williams-Sonoma stores and Breville’s website in the US in October 2018 and in Canada, UK, Europe, NZ and Australia in 2019.


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