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Breville’s Smart Air Fryer Connects You to Celebrity Chefs

With Breville, you can now not only take on an innovative cooking technique but you can also air fry along with some of today’s best chefs.

On March 29, the innovative kitchen appliance brand Breville announced the launch of the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro. The convection oven comes connected to the Joule Oven App — the company’s first smart connected cooker. This pairing features an upcoming impressive digital library of video-guided recipes and content from pioneering chefs like Carla Lalli Music, Nik Sharma, and Gregory Gourdet. This new drop combines ChefSteps’ Joule App’s digital engagement with Breville’s award-winning design into a unified, multifunctional monster, capable of baking bread just as crispy as a whole chicken.

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A Breville smart oven air fryer cooking a whole chicken.

Air fryers work via convection fans that blow extremely hot air around any and all friable food, creating a snappy, savory exterior that wraps around a warm, juicy inside. The Joule App elevates this air fryer with 13 cooking functions, including toast, dehydrate, and slow cook. Smart tools like Visual Doneness and sous vide control provide precision in preparation. There’s even an Air Fryer Pro air-frying basket.

With all this gear, there’s no need to fear because the Breville air fryer is also very easy to use and quick to fix. This fits the collaborators’ intention to make “an everyday chef out of everybody.” Alongside, renowned chefs will help to spark these culinary visions in the coming months.

Chef Greg Gourdet, for example, is a longtime Top Chef judge, with roots in the sights, sounds, and smells of Haitian New York City, coming up under the auspicious direction of Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Now you can find these American-Caribbean flavors in your kitchen. Or test out South Indian-influenced food with the L.A.-located Nik Sharma.

There’s also no need to worry how you’ll fill the massive air fryer, with included recipes laying out step-by-step visual instructions paired with aligned element settings. Partners plan for the app to be home to an ever-growing library from not only Breville but its Webby-award-winning ChefSteps team and talented epicurean roster. With fun, interactive experiences, cooking is more accessible. You prep and then click on Autopilot to let the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro automatically cycle through cooking phases for delectable, foolproof results.

“It pairs two powerhouses in product innovation and cooking, and we’re thrilled to be bringing this dynamic experience to home cooks, allowing them to nail it every time,” Breville global general manager Catherine Ruspino said in a press release.

The app also features tailored recipes from from America’s Test Kitchen, New York Times Cooking, and Serious Eats, a progress monitor, tips and tricks, and voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant for those who want to get geeky about it.

The Breville Oven Air Fryer Pro is available now.

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