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These 2 whiskies go with everything you’re going to serve at Thanksgiving dinner

Add these two whiskeys to your Thanksgiving menu for a happier holiday

Thanksgiving is a day for being with those we love, feasting on delicious food until we can feast no more, and reflecting on the things we are most thankful for. And if whiskey doesn’t top your list, we probably shouldn’t be friends. While wine and other specialty cocktails (pumpkin martini, anyone?) may be the Thanksgiving drinks that shine at your family’s table, there’s always a place for whiskey. Surprisingly, this beautiful brown liquor pairs perfectly with many traditional Thanksgiving foods with its complex, well-rounded flavors. So in your holiday preparations, be sure to pick up a few bottles of these perfect whiskeys for Thanksgiving dinner.

A Bourbon Whiskey Decanter and Bourbon on the Rocks in a Tumbler sitting on a bar with bottles in the background.

It’s difficult to narrow our selections down to two, but we understand that a full whiskey bar at Thanksgiving may not be the new tradition you want to start this year… though, it sounds like a perfectly reasonable (and spectacular) custom to us.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday, so it makes sense to celebrate with a strictly American whiskey. Rye is a perfect choice for this. Not only is rye whiskey as American as apple pie, but its spicy kick will pair beautifully with so many of the creamy and rich Thanksgiving side dishes at your table. Rye’s peppery notes will make the rounder, smooth flavors of things like potatoes and casseroles even more interesting by adding complexity and cutting through their richness. This year, Nevada distiller Frey Ranch took the top spot in The Manual’s Spirit Awards, thanks to its farm-to-bottle concept and flavors that stick with your palate.

The second whiskey you’re going to want to stock up on is a good, fruity, single-malt. A single-malt whiskey pairs with dessert in a nearly magical way. Not sure which one to get? There are plenty of great single-malt options out there. With nutty and often vanilla and caramel notes, a single-malt is the ideal pairing for that piece of pie. Or cake. Or other glass of single-malt.

So this Thanksgiving, be sure to add these two heavenly beverages to your menu, and you can be sure you’ll have something to be thankful for.

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