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The 9 Best Potato Mashers to Buy in 2022

A potato masher might seem like one of those rather insignificant kitchen tools until the first time you use it. You mash a potato with this seemingly frivolous device only to realize that you, too, can make visually appetizing mashed potatoes—maybe even heavenly hummus or blissful bean patties. And we’ll stop there, because the words “blissful” and “bean” have little business together, while a potato masher has lots of business being in your kitchen.

Additionally, considering you can get a decent potato masher for around the same price as one fancy cup of coffee, there’s little excuse not to buy one of these for yourself or as a kitchen gift. Here are options ranging from the low budget range all the way to the decidedly fancy. Like for a potato masher, anyway.

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Best Potato Masher Overall: OXO Stainless Steel Good Grips Potato Masher

I have used one of these mashers for well over a decade, and it remains in perfect condition even after smashing thousands of potatoes. It works well on sweet potatoes, beans, cooked vegetables, and more. Most foodstuffs rinse right off with hot water and the lightest work with a soapy sponge, saving you time and space in the dishwasher.

Best Potato Masher for Nonstick Pots and Pans: Zulay Silicone Coated Potato Masher

Nonstick pots and pans are great for easy flipping of omelets and chops, stir-frying veggies and chicken, and wiping clean later, but they get scratched up easily and can be quickly ruined once scratched badly. The thin but durable coating of silicone over the stainless steel of this masher lets you smash away even within a nonstick coated pan or pot without ruining the easy release and easy cleanup qualities you love.

Best Versatile Potato Ricer: Tundras Stainless Steel Potato Ricer

This potato ricer comes with three interchangeable disc inserts that allow you to create coarse, medium, or finely riced potatoes, yams, squash, and so on. It’s a low-cost and versatile option that can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use.

Best Stylish Potato Masher: Tmflexe Potato Masher

Maybe your potato masher won’t get as many oohs and aahs as that Viking range or Sub-Zero fridge, but it may as well look good. And this one does, thanks to its wooden handle with brass hardware and the circular stainless steel disc at the business end. Its grip has a hole that can be used to hang the masher for easy reach and pleasant display. It’s also a perfect low-cost gift for people who love to cook!

Best Potato Ricer for People with Limited Hand Strength: Chef’n FreshForce Potato Ricer Press

This easy-to-use potato ricer has a gear system and long grips that apply ample pressure to press through cooked foods with minimal effort. It’s an ideal choice for cooks with limited hand strength caused by injury, age, or other factors.

Best Double Layer Potato Masher: Soleader Potato Masher

If you frequently prepare large batches of mashed potatoes, bake multiple pies at a time, or are just really impatient when it comes to smashing food, this dual-layered masher will speed things up. Each plunge downward offers twice the mashing surface area.

Best Potato Masher for Kids: Dreamfarm Smood Lite One-Press Spring Coil Potato Masher

The spring-style action of this masher helps crush cooked foods on the downward press and again as it pops itself up, helping your less-experienced sous chef nonetheless be a helper in the kitchen. Plus, it has a unique and colorful look kids will like.

The Best Fold Flat Potato Masher: Joseph Joseph Delta Folding Potato Masher

Potato mashers are notorious hogs of drawer space. This one solves that old issue by folding flat when not in use. Don’t worry, its head is secured by a locking ring when you are using it, so you can mash with vigor.

Best Potato Masher for Wine Grapes: Tablecraft 32″ Stainless Steel Potato Masher

Ironically, this potato masher is far better for use with grapes than with potatoes, and specifically for grapes used to make wine. When you need to smash apart a bunch of grapes in a big, deep container, the nearly three-foot handle of this hefty masher will make your work all the easier.

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