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This Is the Best Gift for Beer Lovers for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day 2021 will be an opportunity to show someone special how much you care. Some people will look for the best flower delivery deals for Valentine’s Day 2021. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas that your man will genuinely appreciate, how about beer? If your Valentine likes to drink the most popular beers, the odds are in your favor they’ll love a membership to the Craft Beer Club .

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With a Craft Beer Club membership subscription, your special someone will receive 12 beers per month. Each monthly shipment includes 3 bottles each of 4 different styles of beer. The Craft Beer Club looks for a range of high-quality stouts, ales, and lagers from small distribution microbreweries. Each shipment includes two styles each from two different breweries. The Club’s beer selectors choose from each brewery’s award-winning, flagship, or most popular beers. Your beer-lover won’t have to travel to find new beers to try because the Craft Beer Club ships directly to their home, with free shipping in the 48 contiguous United States.

When you buy someone — or yourself — a Craft Beer Club membership subscription, you can select a fixed number of shipments from one to six months, 12 months, or an ongoing membership that continues until canceled. The ongoing monthly membership is the most expensive, starting at $45 per shipment. You can also double the number of beers to 24 beers with six bottles each of four styles of beer, again from two different microbreweries. Each 24-bottle shipment costs $90. If you buy an ongoing membership, your card will have a recurring charge before each shipment. There is no minimum number of months and you can cancel anytime prior to the next shipment.

If you buy your Valentine a fixed number of shipments, you pay for all the shipments at one time and will not have recurring charges. You also get quantity discounts. Here’s the breakdown: Two shipments for $90; three shipments for $135; four shipments for $179, five shipments for $224, six shipments for $269, and a full year of 12 shipments costs $507, or $42 per shipment, the lowest price and the most beer (unless you double up). Every shipment also includes a copy of Micro Brew News, a publication devoted to everything about microbreweries.

So you can shop for flowers, chocolates, fresh fruit, or any number of traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day 2021. Or, if your Valentine is a craft beer aficionado, you can’t go wrong with a gift that’s sure to be appreciated, a membership to the Craft Beer Club.

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The Best Cheap Nespresso Deals for October 2022
best home espresso machine Nespresso Essenza

Looking for Nespresso deals? Are you a pod person? We don't mean an alien clone sent to take over the human race. We're talking coffee. Pod people don't have time to mess around with grinding, pressing, or pouring over when it comes to their morning jolt juice. They need a cup of tasty coffee at the push of a button in seconds. If you are or would like to become a pod person, we suggest a Nespresso coffee maker. Nespresso has dozens of premium pod coffee machines to choose from. If you're looking for a cheap Nespresso machine, look no further. We've tracked down the best Nespresso deals on the web for you to up your game as a pod person.
Today's Best Cheap Nespresso Deals

How to Choose a Nespresso Coffee Maker
As you can see, there's a lot of choice when it comes to finding a cheap Nespresso coffee maker. Before you make your pick, here are some things to consider that may make finding the right model a little easier.
Let's face it, cost is the primary driver in most purchasing decisions. The various models of Nespresso machines range from $150 to $900. With these fantastic Nespresso deals, you can find one significantly under the retail price. Still, determining your budget ahead of time will help you rule out a lot of options.
Where your Nespresso machine will live is important. If you have a spacious countertop where it can always hang out, you won't be deterred from larger models. But if you're schlepping it from cabinet to countertop every morning, a smaller, more lightweight model may be the answer.
Even if you have the space, you may not need a robust Nespresso that can hold a lot of water. If you only drink one to two cups of coffee a day, you can get by with a machine with a smaller tank. But, if you have a house full of coffee drinkers, a large capacity reservoir may be for you.
 Ease of Use
Though all Nespresso coffee makers are straightforward and easy to use, some are simpler than others. If you're into customizing your cup of coffee and other special features, keep an eye out for those models.
Types of coffee
Suppose you're the type of person who likes to experiment with many different origins, roasts, and flavors of coffee. If that's the case, you'll want to note that while shopping for a Nespresso. Some models limit the types of pods you can use, while others let you make virtually every coffee offering available.
Barista Options
One of the coolest features Nespresso offers in a coffee maker is a steam wand that gives you rich, foamy milk perfect for lattes, cappuccinos, and flat whites. Understandably, this feature will drastically bump up the coffee maker's price, just as it does for other at-home espresso makers. But, if your budget allows for it, and you're a fan of a creamy cup of coffee, this feature is well worth the price. Other models have milk frothers attached to the machine, which are the next best idea and less expensive.

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9 best fall beers and autumnal releases to drink this year
Pumpkin brews, Oktoberfest ales, and a few more to celebrate the season
Mug of beer outside on a table.

Holy schnitzel! It's that time of year again. Step outside and you might notice a nip in the air (and a more than a bit of smoke if you're in a Western state). Cooler temperatures and colorful leaves — the arrival of autumn means the reintroduction of heartier, fuller-bodied brews onto beverage menus, including seasonally specific favorites like Oktoberfest biers and brown ales.

To help wade through the glut of autumnal offerings now gracing grocery store shelves and local bar taps, we surveyed the best new beer releases from craft brewers to gather the best fall beer recommendations sprouting this fall season. And yes, this dynamic list of brews to snatch up before winter comes of course includes everyone's seasonal favorite, pumpkin beers, alongside plenty of gourd-free options.
Best pumpkin beers
Thompson Island Brewing Company Boooo!!!! Pumpkin Ale

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