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Best Mother’s Day Flower Deals for 2021

Mother’s Day might not be until May 9 but that means there’s plenty of time for you to seek out great early bird deals in time for the big day. Mothers and caregivers love to receive bouquets of flowers and gifts in the mail so we’ve looked at some of the best Mother’s Day flower deals already out there.

We’ve picked out some slightly different bouquets so there’s something for every taste, whether you want to go with a pure classic bunch of roses, or you want to branch out to something a little more varied looking. It’s a great way to show Mom you care even if you can’t be with her in person. If you do get to be with her on the big day, how about making her some Mother’s Day cocktails?

1-800 Flowers — Always On My Mind — $60-$90

1-800 Flowers

1-800 Flowers is a great one-stop-shop for beautiful floral arrangements for Mom this year. We particularly love the Always On My Mind bouquet made by local artisan florists. It’s an all-around arrangement made from pink roses, Gerbera daisies, Oriental lilies, and larkspur, white snapdragons, and lavender stock. Combined, it has a beautiful mixture of pastel colors that will look stunning in any home. You can choose from various different sizes and budgets so you can go all-out or choose a more subtle size depending on your mother’s home.

All the flowers from 1-800 Flowers have been picked fresh on the company’s premier farms located around the world, meaning that each flower will be shipped fresh. Your Mom can enjoy long-lasting beauty and enjoyment thanks to this process, and they’re sure to appreciate you picking out something that looks so good.

Bouqs — Mother Earth — $59

Bouqs’ hasn’t unveiled its full selection of Mother’s Day flowers and gifts yet but if you want to surprise your Mom a little early, and with something quirky, there’s the Mother Earth plant. The plant is a dracaena, also known as a dragon plant, and it’s placed in a whimsical female face decor pot that’s sure to make your Mom smile.

The thinking is that it’s aimed perfectly at the Mother of Dragons — those women who will do anything to stand up and protect their children. Odds are that’s a perfect match for your Mom, and a great twist on the usual flower format.

Teleflora — Dressed to Impress Bouquet — $71-80


Teleflora has plenty of great early Mother’s Day options already including the gorgeous Dressed to Impress Bouquet. The bouquet is ideally suited if your Mom loves bright and vibrant colors that are wonderfully arranged. The feminine-looking bouquet features hot pink roses, hot pink spray roses, pink asiatic lilies, pink carnations, green button spray chrysanthemums, bupleurum, huckleberry and lemon leaf. It’s all wrapped up in a simple glass vase so it’ll suit any home. You can also choose to add extras such as stuffed animals, chocolate, and even balloons if you want to go all-out.

Teleflora offers fast delivery in many cases and also uses local florists to hand-deliver and hand-arrange the flowers, so you have the benefit of knowing you’re supporting a local business, too.

From You Flowers — European Floral Garden — $42-60

From You Flowers

If your Mom loves gardening or wishes she had her own garden, she’ll adore this European Floral Garden bouquet. It includes sunflowers, pink tulips, red alstroemeria, purple monte casino asters, and green poms, all placed within a clear glass vase covered with raffia. It basically looks like the most gorgeous garden possible, in a vase, in your home. It’s a great way to brighten up a home after a long winter.

Choose to pay a little extra and you can also include chocolates, a cuddly bear, or balloons if you so wish. The flexibility to how From You Flowers runs is super useful if you want a more personal touch to what you can buy.

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