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Best TV deals: Save big on Samsung, Sony, LG, and more

A TCL Q5 TV on a wall.

We consume so much of our content from TVs, that’ it’s probably not a surprise that the TV market has boomed massively in the past few years. Whether you want a new TV to watch the news, your favorite show, or to hook up a console or gaming PC, there are a lot of great options out there. That’s why we’ve collected some of our favorite TVs across various brands so that you can pick one that you’re comfortable with, or that matches the ecosystem you’re already in. Also, be sure to check out our guide on what size TV you need before taking the leap so that you can get a better sense of what is going to work best for your space.

Best LG TV deals

The LG 86-inch UQ75 Series 4K TV placed in a living room.

LG makes some of the best TVs around making it an easy brand to recommend to most people. It sells a wide range of different products so you can buy an inexpensive 4K TV from the company as well as high-end OLED TVs with the latest technology. The C3 and G3 range are the most up-to-date but there are often some great discounts on the A and B ranges if you want an OLED TV without spending so much. webOS and its Magic Remote make browsing for content super simple too.

  • LG 24-inch Class LED HD Smart TV —
  • LG 65-inch Class UT75 Series LED 4K TV —
  • LG 86-inch UQ75 Series LED 4K TV —
  • LG 65-inch C3 Series OLED TV —
  • LG 65-inch G3 Series OLED TV —

Best TCL TV deals

2023 TCL Q6 4K QLED TV.

TCL is a good TV brand for anyone seeking value for money. It focuses on regular 4K TVs along with QLED panels as well. The latter is a good way of enjoying better picture quality without spending as much as you might on an OLED panel. It’s good for gaming too. TCL also continues to sell some HD TVs so if you want a basic TV for a child’s bedroom or even your kitchen, you’re in luck.

  • TCL 43-inch Class S3 S-Class LED Full HD TV —
  • TCL 43-inch Class S4 S-Class 4K HDR LED TV —
  • TCL 65-inch Q7 Series QLED TV —
  • TCL 85-inch Class S4 S-Class 4K HDR LED TV —
  • TCL 75-inch QM8 Series Mini-LED QLED TV —

Best Sony TV deals

A Sony TV hanging on a wall.

Sony tends to offer more expensive TVs than most. That means you get the latest technology like OLED panels and some impressive cinematic functionality so you get more of a home cinema experience as you view. It also has TVs with PlayStation 5 exclusive features so you can get even more out of your gaming time. With Sony TVs a little more expensive than the competition, it’s useful to be able to reap discounts on them by checking out the Sony TV deals going on. Consider a Sony TV as a great investment which will last you a long time going forward while making everything look better than before.

  • Sony 55-inch X80K LED 4K TV —
  • Sony 65-inch XR A75L OLED TV —
  • Sony 55-inch BRAVIA 8 OLED 4K TV —
  • Sony 85-inch BRAVIA XR X90L LED 4K UHD Smart Google TV —
  • Sony 75-inch XR X93L Mini-LED 4K TV —

Best Vizio TV deals

Vizio 70-inch M7 4K TV on TV table.

Vizio offers a reasonable mixture of cheap and cheerful HD TVs while also having its V-Series range which is perfect for gaming purposes. If you’re on a tight budget, Vizio is a great brand to consider because it still often adds features that you might not get elsewhere in this price range. They might not be as widely available as other brands here but don’t see that as a slight on the company — Vizio are dependable and often provide good QLED panels.

  • VIZIO 32-inch Class D-Series Full HD TV —
  • Vizio 50-inch V-Series 4K TV —
  • VIZIO 50-inch Class M6 Series 4K QLED HDR TV —

Best Samsung TV deals

Family watching videos on Samsung 55-inch Class Q60A 4K TV.

Samsung is one of the big three of TV brands alongside Sony and LG. In recent times, it’s expanded its QLED range to also have OLED TVs so you have plenty of options available to you. In all cases, you get a high-end experience with even its cheaper 4K TVs looking stylish and appealing. Its TVs use Tizen OS with many people liking the experience.

  • Samsung 65-inch Class TU690T Crystal UHD 4K TV —
  • Samsung 43-inch The Frame QLED TV —
  • Samsung 65-inch Q80C QLED TV —
  • Samsung 65-inch S90C OLED TV —
  • Samsung 83-inch S90C OLED TV —

How to choose a new TV

Buying a new TV is a major purchase. Even if you’re buying a cheaper 4K TV, it’s still a large part of your home so you want to get it right. Starting out, it’s important to think about what your budget is. TVs can be pretty cheap these days but they can also be very expensive if you want to spend a lot, so narrow things down by working out your price range. From there, think about what size of TV you need and check that it’ll fit well and look good in your living space. Big is great but not if it clutters up your home and makes things look awkward.

Once you’ve got those two essentials out of the way, think about what features you want. Read up on OLED and QLED technology and figure out which sounds most attractive to you. Also, see if there’s a particular operating system, voice asisstant support, or similar extras that sound good to you. If you plan on watching a lot of movies, a dedicated film mode could be useful while high refresh rates are great for gamers or fans of fast-moving action. Look out for terms like Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision if you’re keen to enjoy a more cinematic experience, both aurally and visually.

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